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9/6/11 2:48 P

deviled eggs
beef jerky
nuts - you can roast in oven with evoo and fresh tyme and sea salt
hummus and veggies
nut butter on apple pieces

MAMAE73 Posts: 30
9/2/11 12:57 P

Greek Yogurt is high in protein and if you buy the plain you can add tons of flavor from fresh or frozen berries. I sometimes by the vanilla flavored, which still contains a good portion of protein and add some hemp granola to it. Greek yogurt is thick and wonderful and makes you feel like you're eating some decadent dessert. I'm sure you could add some cocoa to the plain and it would be like chocolate ice cream.
I also use a high protein(30 g)protein bar, 3 delicious flavors in a 12 pack. They're a great snack and usually help fill the void without adding carbs.

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9/2/11 8:36 A

sugre free jello
string cheese
weighed out portions of nuts/seeds

I also love making "pudding" from cottage cheese... mix in cocoa and a little sweetner and its totally delicious, you can even freeze briefly for it to be like icecream

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9/2/11 4:20 A

Maybe not "low carb" but I'll take a handful of unsalted almonds, and drizzle melted dark chocolate over them... dark chocolate is suppose to be good for you, but who knows... lots of protein with a sweet kick... throw some sea salt on the chocolate to enhance the tase, but not a lot... perfect sweet snack!

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9/1/11 9:37 P

I discovered this one today out of the lack of options in my house:

Take 2 corn tortillas (I buy La Bandorita brand which have 83 cal, 15 carbs, 4 protein for 2 tortillas), spread half a wedge of light spreadable cheese like laughing cow on each tortilla, add 2-3 slices of turkey breast lunch meat and 1 tbsp salsa to each. Roll them both up and you have a tasty, filling snack that is only 155 calories!

You do have to choose your tortillas wisely when shopping though. The difference between a 1 tortilla and 2 tortilla serving can double your calorie and carb counts!

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9/1/11 9:20 P

The only diet that works for me is high protein and low card. I have hypothyroidism and is can be difficult to lose weight. What are some snacks i can eat

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