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5/19/13 1:57 A

As long as a person is eating 10+ servings veggies/fruits daily their digestion (and overall health) are generally right on course unless they have sustained injury or have some ongoing disease process. Excessive proteins can slow digestion as protein is simply more complex for the body to break down. I would more likely bet that grain consumption is at the root of your constipation/bloating as the human body was not designed to digest grain and cannot even do so unless they have first been processed.

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5/17/13 9:11 A

For bloat and constipation eat Rye bread with seeds because toasted rye bread eases constipation because of the fiber in it which is called arabinoxylan.

Dehydration will also make you feel worn down so yes, drink water but veggies and fruit can hydrate you too...try pears, cherries, berries....high water, low sugar fruits and veggies

Saturated fat can trigger bloat and so can wheat so try Fage 0% Plain Yogurt which is a good probiotic for bloat and gassiness ADD THE BERRIES TO SWEETEN AND FOR FIBER. Yogurt is especially good to promote digestion and the Fage 0% has the least in sugar that I found.

Elimate sugar free foods which has sorbitol and maltitol in them and can cause bloat for some people like me , and eating foods like celery and avocado slices will help balance excess water retention and bloat. A high sugar diet can also cause constipation

Things that help digestion and can help keep a person regular are ground black pepper,cumin, paprika, parsley, and cinnamon to name a few spices.... A little prune juice, romaine, sauerkraut, all kinds of nuts. Lemons and olive oil help constipation so try to have a small salad with these ingredients daily. Lemons help you digest...the oil keeps things running smoothly.

I also found that 5 Nabisco ginger snap cookies help constipation because of the molases.

Exercise and walking helps too!

The information is not intended as medical advice, just what works for me

Hope you feel better soon.

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5/17/13 6:59 A

To get suggestions that are appropriate to you, you really need to track all your nutrition (including having weighed it first). What may seem like a lot, could actually prove to be not much. I for one have to eat A LOT of fibre - generally 42-50 grams daily to prevent constipation. This was upped from about 30-35g and my Dietitian suggested a good fibre supplement to help me on the days I couldn't get high enough. I also had to increase my fat consumption - it USED to be extremely low - like about 15-20 grams daily.

The other thing that you may need to consider, too, is what medication are you on? (if any) When I am on a couple pain medications, I have to increase my fibre even further. If you are on any meds, check out the side-effects because become irregular could be one of them.


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5/16/13 1:49 P

The gas may not be related to fiber, instead, it might be dairy if you consume a lot of dairy. Too much fiber can make you irregular.

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5/16/13 11:01 A

If you only recently added fiber to your diet (meaning you went from 10g a day to, say, 30g a day), the gas and bloating may just be your system adjusting. Like other posters said, making sure you are eating fats and drinking lots of water will help, but it should go away once your body adjusts.

One thing I do, on days where my fiber levels aren't very high, is take a fiber supplement to get it into the range I am used to (around 40g). I know it isn't as good as the real thing, but it keeps me regular and prevents gas and bloating I may otherwise get.

Best of luck!

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5/16/13 9:42 A

I drink between 70-100 oz of water a day.
I eat fat but Maybe thats what it is.

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5/15/13 11:46 P

Are you eating enough fats?

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5/15/13 9:00 P

I would also ask if you're following your doctor's advice on lots of water. That can help when you're eating high-fiber.

If you've recently started this, it can take your body some time to adjust. And then there are just some foods out there that cause gas no matter what you do (ie: beans, onions, etc.)

I eat a LOT of fiber as a vegetarian, but I don't typically have irregularity problems - but I also drink lots of water, too.

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5/15/13 8:38 P

Are you eating in your fat range?

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
5/15/13 3:32 P

Its mostly vegetables and fruits. And i eat either fresh fruits and vegetables or frozen ones I stay away from the canned or added juice fruit.
I just got back into tracking again today. I started slacking the past few months and decided today was the day to get off my butt and kick it into high gear because my loose pants i wore on my bloating days are tight and i was like NO MORE!

5/15/13 3:19 P

So what is your typical daily fiber intake in grams?
Are you tracking this on your nutrition tracker?
What foods are you using: fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, fiber supplemented foods like Fiber One cereal and bars, Fiber filled yogurt. etc. Some of these added fiber foods can bring about gas, bloating, etc.

Make your nutrition tracker public, and we may be able to help more.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

2LILMONKEYS1981 Posts: 47
5/15/13 3:15 P

Okay, So Eat high Fiber, and protien However I am still Have problems being regular. I have horrible gas emoticon . I hate to take anything to help me regulate because the doctor said drink plenty of water and eat high fiber. HELP...This has been going on for the past few months and its getting frustrating!

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