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10/2/12 2:26 A

I remember reading something similar when it came to Martin Kathan's Rotation Diet, but I always felt so deprived and I'd be so excited about the high calorie day, that I'd end up binging out of impatience and frustration. I tend to do better eating the same amount of calories each day. I like balance and control. Routine is probably a better word.

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10/2/12 2:16 A

I've heard about that in terms of "calorie cycling." IE, instead of eating 1300 kcals/day each day of the week, you'd eat 1500 on sunday, 1100 on Monday, 1300 Tuesday, etc, so it averages out over time but you don't see such extreme BMR slowing.

I haven't looked into the research behind it very much- but I'm not sure. I don't think your body is really going to tell when you eat that bagel... But I do think allowing yourself a day to not be too anal about it helps, especially psychologically.

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10/2/12 1:57 A

Yes, lots of sparkers post that they do this and it helps them to stay on track.

I'm not sure I buy the idea of "shocking your metabolism". But if you are maintaining a deficit most days and your high cal day is only maintenance, then you are still creating a weekly deficit and will still lose. Perhaps having the high cal day is the "reward" for being good the rest of the week and the only way you can get through the week on a calorie deficit ... :)

10/1/12 10:21 P

I recently read an article that suggested to confuse your metabolism or 'shock' it by having one high calorie day a week. It recommended that that day you eat at your maintenance and make sure it is healthy foods not just junk. Does anyone does this? Feel it is helpful?

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