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Welcome to SP lonelypoet!

It is hard when you have a negative person in your life. My mother was the same way (may she RIP) You just have to learn to not let it affect you so deeply. I know that is hard but you must take control of the situation and realize that nobody can make you fell any certain way without your permission!

Now that you are here - make a spark page so that folks can interact with you, and make sure you set it to public or no one will be able to see it!

sparkmail me if you have any questions

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6/26/13 6:12 P

Welcome to SparkPeople!

Definitely take advantage of the Nutrition and Fitness Tracker. Those and the SparkPeople community are probably the most important weight loss tools.

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I've started ti struggle with my weight. Ive been struggling since junior year of high school, and I'm know going into my senior year of college. I lost 50 pounds on Atkins diet senior year but gained it back. I then went on weight watchers during sophomore year of college , but since I live at home my mom would never cook meals I could eat, and buy snacks for my younger siblings. I'm one of a 9 siblings and I thought the whole family could eat healthier. We eat well, and healthy, but healthier. The WW recipe book seemed the best solution my mom is extremely over weight, and she constantly belittles me for my weight. I weight about 147. I'm desperate to loose at least 17 pounds, because I want to be healthy for my weight. My moms says I must have gained 50 pounds. the problem is she was skinny at my age, and she says I have let myself go. She is right, but the constant lectures, only make me feel worse.
any advice

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