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BILL60 Posts: 952,556
6/1/13 8:05 A

Welcome to SP and the very best to you on your journey.

TIME2SETGOALS SparkPoints: (52)
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5/30/13 9:18 P

Wow Jaynee!!!! I'm so impressed with your weight loss!!! I actually started this journey at 291 lbs last January, and went to a fitness class at my church. It was a great class, and I lost 70 lbs until I went on a 6 week vacation and COMPLETELY went off course!! I have decided to get back to work and get serious about getting this weight off!! I know I can't do this without Gods help, and the support of others who know what this journey is like!!! Thanks for you're encouragement!!! emoticon

MARYANNB25 SparkPoints: (45,153)
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5/29/13 9:43 P

Hi my name is Mary Ann. I joined awhile ago but really didn't look around much. I have been trying to lose the last 30 pound to reach my goal weight. In 2010 I weighed 299 pounds and I was dealing with a lot of health issues. My doctor suggested weight loss surgery and so that was the start of my journey. In Nov. 2010, I did have Vertical Sleeve Gastronomy and since then I have lost 134 pounds. I feel better and have actually gotten off of all the medicine that I was on before the surgery. Losing the weight has been such a blessing to me. Over the winter I got away from doing my exercises and working out with my personal trainer and I lost down to 161 but put on a few pounds and went back up to 168. That's when I said this is enough, I fluctuate between 165-168 in weight over the last few months so that is when I decided to give this a try. I did real well counting calories and exercising until this winter so I am going to get back on track. I have signed up for Sparkcoach and have started reading The Spark Solution and have decided to give it a try and see if I can lose the extra weight. I am determined to do it. I want to be healthier, to be able to enjoy myself as I get older. Looking for friends to encourage me and that I can be some encouragement to them too.

REY6780 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/13 6:35 P

Welcome to SP!

FIT4MEIN2013 SparkPoints: (144,741)
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5/29/13 12:55 P

Welcome to both of you! Sparkpeople is a great place and has everything you need to reach your goals. I am down 115# with Sparkpeople. Ask questions anytime. Support is also here 24/7. Let us know how we can help!

ANOSAKO Posts: 28
5/29/13 12:54 P

Indeed! This community is a great place to connect with like-minded people. It's not about perfection but excellence in the journey we have chosen to embrace.

I hope you'll utilize the goal setter and tracking ALL your food. Its an eye-opener. I'm not perfect or "always honest" but I realize that when I put down the truth, I notice trends about what I eat, how I feel, who I eat, etc.

Do you have any goals that will encourage you to lose the weight? For me, I'd love to be either a nurse, a teacher, or a flight attendant. It's not just about the weight but the energy I'd get by changing my lifestyle!

Welcome to the Spark. Light your path and others will shine with you too. Hope to keep in touch and see how far you'll go!

SARA3141990 SparkPoints: (957)
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5/29/13 12:10 P

i join yesterday to hoping maybe to stay motivated this time lol im weak also lol im a soda junkie not gonna be a easy habit to break lol is there any goals other then your weight that your working on ?

TIME2SETGOALS SparkPoints: (52)
Fitness Minutes: (190)
Posts: 3
5/29/13 12:07 P

Well, this is my first post! I started Spark yesterday, and although daunting...I have 86 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight. I've lost weight in the past, but this helps me to be accountable. I need that.....otherwise left to myself, I'm weak!!! I look forward to meeting other people in this journey!!,

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