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BILL60 Posts: 979,218
6/27/13 8:55 A

Welcome to SP and the best to you on your journey.

WINACHST Posts: 1,979
6/27/13 7:31 A

Hi Ashely, Welcome to Spark People. On this site you will find lots of resources to help you educate yourself as to how to eat better. The food and exercise trackers are the best tools to help you see where and how you can make changen to improve your lifestyle.

Good luck on your journey to better health

19ASHLEY92 SparkPoints: (46)
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6/27/13 2:23 A

Hi, there! I'm kind of a newcomer here, so I'd really like to give this a try!
I'm 21, 5ft (and a 1/2 in.) and weigh about 160 pounds. It's still about 25 lbs less from my worst, but about 40 lbs. from my goal. I'd like to lose 10-15 pounds before September and keep it up after I meet that goal. I want to develop a healthy lifestyle and start eating right!
Well, that covers the basics, but... hi. My name is Ashley.

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