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11/25/12 8:07 P

Hi emoticon and congratulations on beginning your Spark journey!

There's so much here to help you along the way and excellent advice to setting and achieving healthy goals. With the thousands and thousands of fellow Sparkers you will always find someone you can connect with. I am always amazed how many lives have been changed for the better through the use of SparkPeople.

If you have not already done so, I suggest that you check out the videos in the "Healthy Lifestyle" section. Scroll down for the site orientation videos.

That should point you in the right direction. I find that if you just start looking around Spark, you will quickly learn about the wonderful tools available for your use. After being a Sparker since 2007, I still find something new and very useful.

Welcome and best wishes!
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NJAQUAHOLIC SparkPoints: (675)
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11/25/12 4:47 P

Sounds like we are kindred spirits Butterfly. I too am 193 and looking to lose about 60+ lbs. I also have three kids (mine are grown but definitely still want to be a good role model for them). I would love to keep in touch and support each other on this journey. Thank you!

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11/25/12 3:10 P

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LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
11/25/12 2:33 P

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ABRANNEWME2014 Posts: 51,125
11/25/12 1:49 P

Hello and welcome to the Sp family Jen....You can do this and I'm rooting for you....good luck to you on meeting all your fitness goals...

PIPERCHICKAB SparkPoints: (21,282)
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11/25/12 12:47 P

Welcome to SP! Best of luck on your journey!

BUTTERFLY971 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/25/12 12:30 P

Welcome. I just recently joined as well. I, too, am an emotional eater who is on meds to keep my anxiety and depression under control. I eat when I am happy, bored, depressed, name it and I use food to deal with it. I tried weight loss last year and failed. I believe it was because I had no support. I have 3 children and I want to be a better example to them of how to handle emotions and how to be healthy. I weigh 194 and have about 40 -45 pounds to lose. I'd be glad to be an accountability buddy if you are interested! Good luck!

NJAQUAHOLIC SparkPoints: (675)
Fitness Minutes: (420)
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11/25/12 9:56 A

Hi everyone, it is truly great to be here. My name is Jen and I just came across this site last night. I do believe that God brought me here as I have been at my wits end for the last 3 months. (Longer on and off, at least 3 years in the battle.) I am a food addict and a complete emotional eater. I suffer from high anxiety. It is the kind of anxiety to where I actually get blurred vision and incoherent thoughts. I become completely useless. I've been like that all my life. My father is like this and his mother before him. On mom's side there is a lot of depression and bi-polar. Mom is a mess and the times she has sought treatment she immediately gave up. Both parents are also food addicts and emotional eaters. Genetically mom and I should be thin. Mom is taller than me so I wouldn't categorize her as petite but me at 5'4" and weighing between 115-125 most of my adult life I guess could be considered petite. Right now I am at my highest weight ever. You guys are the only ones that will ever know as I do not even share this info with my children. I am 193 lbs. I am terrified of screwing with my blood pressure (high runs on both sides of the fam), screwing with my heart and dropping of a heart attack or suffering a stroke. I do not have health insurance and so although I am making sure to budget a thorough physical after the holidays right now I am completely on my own. I will need tons of support. In life, I am a control freak who is stubborn and want to do everything on my own. I am hoping that it will be here that I find some new, understanding friends who I can be completely honest with and truly vulnerable with. I am hoping to find a forum to where I can ask for help and really be open to and feel deserving of receiving it. A little about me: childhood was very typical of Gen X. Parents were pretty screwy, drug and alcohol abuse throughout the fam. Yet feel totally blessed that I could see past their many flaws and have a close relationship with them. Married young. Kids young (very young), husband who I had known since 12 years old died in 2001. Then I lost my grandmother in 2003 (I actually lost all my grands within 7 years of each other but this grandmother I was extremely close with) this is when the trouble started. Within about two years I went from 130 lbs to 185 lbs which is the weight I was when 9 months prego with my second child. It is also the time that I made a promise to myself, the kids and God that I would stop raging ... I did and voila hence started the binge and emotional eating. Every single "sign" that has ever been listed in the "are you a binge eater, are you an emotional eater, are you a food addict" article I have ever read, I can say YES to. I really have no idea how I am going to do this without professional help but I am going to have to depend on the supernatural powers of the Lord and you folks, my new friends and confidants. Thanks to those who have taken the time to read this. God help and bless us all on this journey.

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