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Hello, and welcome!

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Okay so this may get to be a little long. Our life is so very odd!

Lets start with the basics. I am Teri. My hubby is Jim. We have two fantastic sons: Zack and Noah. We live in the Daytona Beach, Fl area. We are only in this area for 2 years though as Jim is in school and once he is done we will return home.

I call Jim my hubby, which I see him as, but legally we are not married right now. Actually, we are divorced. He was my high school sweetheart. We got married entirely too young. Neither of us had a good foundation in our upbringings or in our faith. It was a mess; a mess we sadly drug our kids through. We divorced after 7 years of marriage. I was convinced that we ruined our kids for life! 3 years later we had healed, found ourselves and slowly became friends again. Eventually, we rebuilt our relationship. We are so happy now! We're getting remarried in October 2015. Honestly we would do it sooner if it weren't for his schooling and life just being utter chaos right now.

Nothing means more to me than my faith and my little family.

I set a weight goal on sparkpeople, but my real goal is just health. I want to be here with Jim and my boys doing life with them and not have my weight or health stopping me. Granted I am not having health issues yet, but if I don't get myself in check I will. I am just that overweight. Every night we all go out running (we actually call it "wiggling" walk/jogging), then to the gym on our apartment complex property. We started out with the goal that we would walk the 1.5 mile sidewalk around the complex. It's lovely as it surrounds a waterway making for a very nice view. Then I told Jim I want to start jogging the little bridge on the property. That has led to we now run 3/4 of the trek from our 3rd floor apt and back. I've gained so much from this! I get time with my family, my health is making clear changes and we've set and cleared goals. This coming Saturday I am woggling my first 5k! I should mention that Jim does all the woggling and everything with me even though he does not "need to", he hates to exercise but he loves me.

Well, I guess that's me in a very big nutshell. I hope to get to know you all and maybe I can be a support around here.

Grace and Peace,
Teri (I need to update my siggy)

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