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JANLUCY Posts: 1,524
4/20/13 10:55 A

First of all, welcome!!!!! You are in great company here, and you have nothing to feel stupid about. In fact, I think you need to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for actually getting on this site, stating your goals and being determined to reach them! Weight loss is a LIFE LONG struggle for many of us. Look at me! I joined in December 2008, and was able to lose eighty pounds -- great, huh? Except that over the past year I gained thirty of those pounds back again. Oops. I decided I had a choice -- keep going in the wrong direction and gain the whole eighty back or get back on track and lose those thirty pounds again, and along the way -- try to learn better habits so I can keep them off this time. Does that make me stupid? Nope. It makes me human.
You are a beautiful person who deserves to feel happy about who she is. Never forget that, and remember, you are in the best company here. We can do this. I know it.
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0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
4/20/13 9:10 A

Welcome aboard!


BIGBEAROHYEAH SparkPoints: (13,195)
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4/20/13 5:39 A

Hello Welcome back. You can do it. Yelling does not work be kind to your body it will be kind back. I learned this the hard way too. Give it good food, fresh air lots of positive attention and it will grow healthy. Hard work and motivation and it will change they way you want it too.

DREAMWEAVER1637 Posts: 14,948
4/20/13 4:34 A

Good morning and welcome to Spark. There are a lot of folks here in the same boat, So jump on in, the water is fine emoticon . Check out the GETTING STARTED link located at the far right of the page and post if u need help.

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MYHEART09 Posts: 8
4/20/13 2:41 A

Nice to see that this Board has a lot of activity. I live in Pennsylvania and have had a terrible time losing weight and keeping it off. It is so easy to slip back into old habits.So Here I am again, trying not to feel stupid about this, since I know what I need to do.I just need to DO IT ! (yelling at myself). Hello Everyone !

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