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4/4/14 11:01 A

That Calorie Count site also has a great foods database - it's a nice adjunct to the info we get here at SP. Calorie Count also lists restaurant (and fast food) items, and even lists restaurants which declined to provide their info. Good resource.
I'll have to check these other calculations!

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4/4/14 9:15 A

thanks for the information. seems like it will take longer to lose this weight then I thought. I am not sure which plan to follow. zone diet or low carbs but I will try to figure out what I can stick to. thanks again.

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4/1/14 6:10 P

Thanks for these tools I used both of them and I adjusted my calories down ward by 63 calories my fat intake down I was getting more than 30 percent fat from spark people suggestions, I also lowered my carbs because I'm diabetic and 226 carbs is to much for me so now I will eat no more than 186 carbs a day which is still a lot.

emoticon emoticon

SONICB Posts: 4,381
4/1/14 12:36 P

I was just messing around with the first site to see what numbers it would give me, and they kindly adjusted my goal weight to something 25 pounds higher because my BMI is a little low to begin with. emoticon

4/1/14 12:29 P

Ok, I know SP use to have the exact same tools I posted in the links below but now I can't find them.....little help please!

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,458
4/1/14 11:55 A

nice tool to verify the nutrition percentages based on 'diet' style.
For me the carb choices also have an affect .... greens, I lose....starches, I plateau

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/1/14 10:54 A

ha ha it reinforces that I'm doing the right thing I guess.

It always comes down to the same thing...slow steady wins the race for me.

JEFFGIRL Posts: 11,255
4/1/14 10:45 A

A Food Scale

4/1/14 10:43 A

Yeah, me too, I got my original numbers from here on SP but also found these sites and they seem consistent.

VAINVT Posts: 8,519
4/1/14 10:40 A

Recipes from Cooking Light, Eating Well, and Spark People.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/1/14 9:55 A

For me it validated what SP gave me (lol...I think I was hoping to get different numbers!!)

Carbohydrate: Percentage: 50%
Protein: Percentage: 30%
Fat: Percentage: 20%
Total Percentage: 100%

I did change my carb numbers here:

Carb 120 - 200 Fat 27 - 60 Protein 60 - 136

4/1/14 9:41 A

I used the above link to plug in my current weight and goal weight then I filled out the stats (Gender, height, age, daily activity level, etc...) then it calculated about how many calories I will need daily to reach my goal at the date I set.

Then I went here:
I plugged in my calorie intake from the previous link and then picked my macro-nutrient plan and then it calculated the amount Carbohydrates, Protein and fat I need daily to accomplish my goal.

Of course this is just a guide and we're all different and have different needs but it's a good starting place for those who need to start somewhere.

Hope this was helpful to you!

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