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1/31/14 8:29 P

I started with that because I walk all the time. I hate to be sitting still, and I'll take a walk to the pond down from house just to keep from sitting. I also played A LOT of sports in high school.

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1/31/14 8:27 P

If your fitness routine is too challenging, too high-intensity, or too rigorous, you're not going to do it. You'll dread it, you'll be injured, you'll find excuses not to do it. Instead, start with consistent activity that is not too difficult. Walking 10-30 minutes per day (depending on your starting fitness level) is an excellent way to start getting active. You can gradually increase the length of time you walk and/or your speed/pace. There are many, many videos here on SP that are suitable for beginning exercisers (those who have not exercised in a while, or those who have never exercised on a regular basis). I highly recommend that you aim for 5 or 6 days of activity, but start gently. It is far, far better to be consistent with exercise that is of gentle to moderate intensity. Starting with Jillian Michaels may be too much, unless you're very fit and active in your day to day life already.

Best wishes.

WGILMORE224 SparkPoints: (1,468)
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1/31/14 8:17 P

I usually do high intensity household chores such as full cleaning of the house, moving furniture, etc. I motivated myself for my fiance, myself, and everyone around me. I want to be better for myself and family.

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1/31/14 1:59 P

Unfortunately, motivation has to come from within. Sometimes the best way to find lost motivation again is to make yourself just get up and do whatever it is you don't feel motivated to do.


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1/31/14 1:49 P

not only track your food, MEASURE your food. Sometimes you think it's a serving, and it could be 1 1/2 or even 2 servings. Even though you have cut back on some foods, you can still eat too many calories even of good foods.

Yes you have to enjoy your "workout" or you won't want to do it. I have found a bunch of DVD workouts I love and can mix them up each month to give me something different and not be bored.

Once you start losing weight / sizes you will find your motivation to keep going.


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1/31/14 1:43 P

this is a really good article on keeping your motivation

make sure you track E V E R Y T H I N G you eat.

Set up some short term goals with small rewards for reaching them.

as far as the walking, if it's not fast paced (as in, elevating your heart rate) I wouldn't count it toward my exercise. Same with the housework. Yes, it's moving - and that's better than sitting. But FOR ME, that's something I do all the time so I don't count it as exercise (unless it's unusually intense work, like moving a lot of heavy boxes or shovelling snow, or something else out of the 'norm'). You know yourself better than I do, so you can decide if those daily things should count toward exercise for you.

with exercise and eating, you have to change it up. Your body will get use to what you do consistently. So you may have to eat at the top of your range for a few day, then mid range, then lower end. Or go high end on protein one day, then high end of your range on HEALTHY carbs, for example.
you have to constantly change SOMETHING about your workouts too (use heaver weights for ST, add sprints to your cardio, try a new activity, etc.)

our bodies seem to like their 'set points' and resist moving out of what they know.

what DOES motivate you? That could be a good place to start.

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1/31/14 1:36 P

No one can really help you find motivation. You need to look within yourself and figure out WHY you want to lose weight.

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1/31/14 1:29 P

I just recently joined SP. I have been trying to lose weight for over three months, and I get close to my goal then I end up gaining all the weight back. I have completely cut out fried foods, high calorie sodas, etc. I only drink diet sodas, juices, etc. I exercise everyday. I do a lot of walking and doing household chores. I started an exercise DVD, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and I lost my motivation for it after cracking my ankle. It's now healed, but I have no motivation anymore. Can anyone help me?

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