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MARTHA2779 SparkPoints: (18,140)
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7/19/14 5:49 P

I like what you said about the clean plate club that is how I grew up too and I refuse to pass that on to any of my three children. Portion control is so important for the entire family. Thanks for sharing.

LONGLJ01 SparkPoints: (1,634)
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7/17/14 4:07 P

My daughter is 11. Because I was overweight as a child and forced to be a member of the "clean plate" club, I stress the importance of eating only when hungry and stopping when you feel full. We try to go to the park or other activities to pull her away from the television. I have been blessed that she has taken an interested in wanting to eat healthy.

LISAFARLEY0304 SparkPoints: (10,649)
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6/18/14 10:01 A

Thank you is a journey...we have been sidetracked and now trying to get back to it...she is off school for the summer and so am I, so I am hoping for more time/opportunities to get out and enjoy life..

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (78,912)
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6/12/14 11:41 P

I think it's great that you are helping make her more aware of foods and nutrients. I was overweight as a child and didn't get that advice. I just knew I was fat. My son wasn't much older than your daughter when he took an interest in nutrition. He wasn't overweight, but wanted to make sure he was good shape for the sports he played. He read food labels and helped to cook. I think if you keep doing what you're doing, she will realize it is the best way to eat and it will be what she expects.

BRAKAI02 SparkPoints: (21,467)
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6/9/14 8:25 A

I can completely relate. I have the same issue with my daughter. What I do is try to make it fun. I involve her in meal planning and she helps with cooking. We go for a walk with the dogs every evening and play I spy or some other game.

SARAH_ARAUJO SparkPoints: (45,186)
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6/8/14 12:44 A

I have a 13 year old daughter ( 3 other younger children as well) and she is a little overweight too. I teach her about nutrition and portions, I talk to her about exercise but at that age all we can do is offer advice, I cannot force her to do anything, it is just a fight. I explain how food works in your body. We discuss how some foods, the highly processed ones are like poison. She eats bad things here and there but overall her choices are getting better. She likes to do Zumba with me, sometimes she will go on a walk with me, sometimes not. Ultimately it has to come from her.

LEWIS314 SparkPoints: (19,274)
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6/6/14 11:33 P

the trick that I use to help my daughter to lose weight is by exercising and eating health with her as well.

FANNYMANSON SparkPoints: (20,213)
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4/19/14 3:00 P

Maybe your daughter can join Pinterest and look for recipes she wants to try? There are lots of healthy ones out there. Make cooking an adventure and get her involved in planning healthy meals for the family. I was overweight as a kid and its awkward and uncomfortable. Encourage family hiking, playing frisbee, take walks after your evening meal. My mom used to reward my weight loss with a new outfit. Best wishes for your family's weight loss journey!!
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LISAFARLEY0304 SparkPoints: (10,649)
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3/30/14 4:37 P

I didn't take it that way...I hope she has the opportunity to enjoy her childhood...I was obese from the time I was 7...hoping for so much more for her :-)

TAYSTHENAME SparkPoints: (6,286)
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3/30/14 2:23 P

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you don't encourage her. I am sure you do, you wouldn't be posting here if it wasn't a desire to help her. I was just giving different options. I 100% agree about the scale! None of our lives should be focused around the scale, but around health. Making good choices and being active is what matters. The rest she will learn as she grows.

LISAFARLEY0304 SparkPoints: (10,649)
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Posts: 37
3/30/14 11:20 A

thank you for responding. I do try to encourage her every day. I won't send in a note because she eats lunch with her friends and there is one girl in that group that is mean. The other day she took my daughter's yogurt "to look at it" and then proceeded to throw it against the wall....I do tell her each day how proud I am of her taking responsibility for her health. That is most important to me. I want her to feel the energy from whole foods (real food) rather than the sluggishness and exhaustion from eating junk. She's a good kid and I want her to know that I love her no matter what...:-) Thanks for the opinion :-) Much appreciated

LISAFARLEY0304 SparkPoints: (10,649)
Fitness Minutes: (16,157)
Posts: 37
3/30/14 11:16 A

thank you. I do appreciate your two cents :-) I do not want her to become obsessing about losing weight. We are really trying to focus on how we feel rather than "the scale says". She has WAY more energy and she is looking at labels now as well as serving size. I don't want her "skinny" (or any one of us in this family)....we need healthy. I am trying out recipes each week and we are picking our favorites. She helps decide what we have. I am really proud of her and I try to tell her every day. Thank you for your input..that is why I posted on here...thanks again!

TAYSTHENAME SparkPoints: (6,286)
Fitness Minutes: (2,103)
Posts: 106
3/26/14 9:45 A

I wanted to mention about portion control. I have come to portioning out the entire family's food. No one notices. Hubby knows, but the kids don't because they are getting the same amount as the adults. Oh I should mention my kids are 14 and nearly 12.

We don't work out in our house. We go out walking/jogging nightly in our neighborhood. The kids come with us, but they have the option of walking/jogging or using their roller blades or scooter. They are out and moving. Our youngest is a mini me. He will always have to make sure he is active and eating well so this has been great for him. He has slimmed down. I couldn't tell you if he has lost "weight", but he definitely looks healthier. Some evening we will go to the gym in our neighborhood and he will run on the treadmill for 5 miles. Hello, Mama cannot do that!

I really encourage you to be a huge source of encouragement. If she packs her own lunches and is making wise choices, let her know you see it. Leave her notes telling her how proud you are of her efforts.

Oh! One more thing! I don't want to assume about your faith, but there is a faith based book called Made To Crave, they have it for adult women and teens. Maybe you two could do it together. I am currently doing the action plan which is like a next step after MTC with the proverbs31 ministry.

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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3/20/14 3:13 P

I'm not sure I would want my daughter on a kids version of Spark People, at least not unsupervised. Do you notice how much mis-information we have to wade through sometimes, in the form of user-generated "advice"? And all from well-meaning adults. So, what happens when one teenager starts talking about her new "diet plan" (a.k.a. anorexia/bulimia), supported with anecdotal "evidence" that it's safe because "a friend of my cousins girlfriend did it..." I don't know that a twelve year old can sort out fact from fiction. Honestly, many adults on Spark are still fighting that fight. Also, I think for a kid it puts too much emphasis on the weight-loss aspect, when your weight-loss/maintenance should be a side-effect of an active healthy lifestyle rather than a focus in and of itself. Just my two cents.

LFARLEY68 Posts: 89
3/19/14 12:22 P

She has started making menus and packaging her snacks so she can see what a serving size is. I was hoping I could put her on this site, but I haven't had any luck. She is too young. We do bake some pizzas and make chicken it is going better...thank you for responding to my question. I am curious why there is not a site for the many(like adults) are obese or overweight... :-)

LFARLEY68 Posts: 89
3/19/14 12:20 P

It's hard. It seems the more you restrict, the more mine will rebel. I have had her begin to make out the meals and that seems to be helping. We work out together, so that helps too. We also started using snack baggies and measuring things that she likes out in the right portions....hope that helps some :-)

3/17/14 8:00 A

I have a daughter that is almost 12. She does help with the garden and cooking. There are still several vegies that she doesn't like but her downfall is portion control. She gets very little exercise no matter how much I try to get her up and moving. How do you teach her healthy eating habits without ruining their self esteem? If I make smaller portions for meals, I find her sneaking snacks! Any advice?

YESFAN88 Posts: 117
3/12/14 8:56 P

Does your daughter do any cooking? I was a much pickier eater when I was her age but when I started cooking I started eating a much larger variety of food. Maybe you can make healthier version of foods she does like, for example if she likes Chinese food you could make lower calorie versions of takeout. If she likes french fries you could hand cut and bake some fries together or if she likes pizza you could make healthy flat bread pizzas (what kid doesn't love making pizza)? If you teach her to cook you can really modify whatever she does enjoy eating to be healthier.
Do you have space for a garden? I think growing her own food could really open up her taste for vegetables.
Is she still eating snacks she enjoys? Even on a very low calorie diet she should be able to have some cookies or whatever she likes so she doesn't feel like she's being completely deprived.

LISAFARLEY0304 SparkPoints: (10,649)
Fitness Minutes: (16,157)
Posts: 37
3/12/14 10:29 A

My husband, daughter, and I have recently purchased the Focus T-25 series. We are all overweight and need to get healthier. The exercising is going ok (all going at our own pace, but working out together)'s the food part with our daughter. She doesn't like eggs, unless she can dip toast in them, she says she is tired of eating fruit, and she doesn't like a lot of vegetables....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! She lost 6 lbs. last week and we thought that would motivate to keep working hard...she is home with me on a snow day and "there is NOTHING to eat!"

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