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Goodbye Ed Hello Me is a great book, I highly recommend!

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I will go to my doctor, I really don't feel that I have a choice. And I have read a lot about it, so I know all of the problems that it causes, your response opened my eyes though..

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Binging followed by purging is not only unhealthy it can be very detrimental to your overall well-being. Not only can it do damage to your teeth (the digestive acids can erode your tooth enamel) but you may develop heart arrythmias if you continue to do so. While SparkPeople is a wonderful community for support and encouragement there are some issues that are beyond the scope of advice that our experts and members can safely offer advice on.

I have included a link to an article Coach Dean wrote regarding disordered eating with references at the end as to where to seek help from those who are trained and qualified to deal with these types of issue. And you may want to contact your doctor about this.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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I used to binge in the past, like last summer. Then I started dieting and using sparkpeople in September and I've list 15lbs.

I have like 15 more pounds to go before I'm satisfied, but I can't seem to continue my diet or restart. I'm scared. I've been bingeing a lot (A LOT) and after I feel so guilty.

I am so disappointed in myself, I had found a new healthier lifestyle,but now that the stress of school is back and now that I've gotten some confidence about my weight because I lost some of it, it's like I can't stop eating junk food. I mean, I eat until I feel really (too) full.

Any advice? Books that I can read? I'm not ready to talk to anyone at home about this yet, especially since I overcame it for a while...thanks!

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