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5/31/13 12:38 P

Ooh, thanks for the idea of the garlic chicken. I didn't see that they had a chicken option without a sauce when I flipped through the menu. It'd definitely be easy to sub their steamed broccoli in for the mashed potatoes. Thanks! Exactly why I made this thread :)

I agree on the soups, its a bit of a gamble. I think I'll leave both the pecan chicken salad and garlic chicken as my options, depending of if I feel I'll get heckled for ordering a salad. Sadly, this happens a bit to much

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5/31/13 12:05 P

Maybe the roasted garlic chicken, since it doesn't have a sauce, and sub the mashed potatoes for veggies? :) It's to the left of the chicken entrees. A soup and regular salad would also keep your calories down, though I'm always slightly wary of soups since they could put a pound of butter in there without anyone knowing.

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5/31/13 10:03 A

Hey, So I think this would be a good idea, below is the link to a menu for a place we're going tonight with a group of us new hires. Now normally I would treat this as it was, a treat, and order whatever looked good (within reason of course). But yesterday we had a surpise brat fry at the office and I kinda binged out on the fruit salad after my brat and am feeling all sorts of bloated. Scale was up 4 pounds which I know isn't important, but I feel I already used up my cheat meal for the week. Plus I'm going to an amusement park tomorrow and then next week traveling for work so a lot of eating out so I want to get back on track today.

When I can find menus online, I think it may help me to post them ahead of time here and pick a couple choices with you're help. Plus, this may end up being a fun little thing to do :)

Anyway, here's the link. I'm kind of leaning towards the cashew chicken salad because it sounds like it tastes good for a salad entre and trying to drop the carbs to drop the bloat today and since fair food is always super carby. I'm planning on keeping my fat down with my other meals today (just a couple eggs really) so the stir fry and nuts buzzwords will be accounted for. I have it preplanned for 440 cals with 17 carbs, 25 fat, and 38 protein. Will of course change it after the meal with how it actually looked and felt calorie wise. I just found an entry in Spark database and that seemed close to the description.

Other things that caught my eye were the garlic herb salmon fillet, and the chicken and mushrooms, but both of those come with butter sauce which sometimes can be a little, and sometimes can be a boatload. New group of people and I don't want to be "that guy" by asking the server to go easy on the butter, at least with this first dinner. Anything else on there catch people's attention, or anything on there that looks innocent but could be loaded with hidden carbs or fat?

Thanks all, and like I said, maybe this'll be an enjoyable thing and help keep me accountable since it looks like with this job I could possibly be eating out every single meal 4 days a week emoticon

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