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7/28/12 10:00 P

It may take you a little while to get your most commonly used items set up in the tracker, but once you do, it will be much easier. It used to take me forever to track everything, but now I'm done in about five minutes.

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7/28/12 9:03 P

My pleasure! We have all been new here, found things overwhelming, and many of us got help from other members. I love paying it forward!

Good success to you.

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7/28/12 3:07 P

Thank you you have been helpful and I will try again to use it. I do eat a lot of the same things so posting them once might be the answer to time consuming. However doing that is healthier than munching mindlessly. Thanks again for your prompt response.

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7/28/12 1:52 P

Ok...with homemade items, there is the recipe calculator (Spark Recipes on the Healthy Lifestyle tab). You post your measured ingredients, and how many servings it will make, and the calculator gives you the nutritional info. / serving. I always keep my recipes private, but that's a matter of choice.

For the rest, things you use a lot, it's worth adding as 'favorites,' which you can search separately from the whole database. What I do with brands I use that aren't listed, I enter manually--again into favorites. You can enter foods using the info. on the packages. the other thing to do is look on the posted items for the ones closest to what you use, and just use those. ALWAYS pay attention to serving size--and make sure you count the actual number of servings you eat: that's my big stumbling block. A 'serving' of cereal on the box might be 1/2 of what I would eat, so I have to measure and count. TRACKING DOES HELP A LOT. It's worth getting a good kitchen scale (I like grams, as more precise) because weighing is more precise than measuring.

Another nice thing is if you have meals you ALWAYS eat the same way (I do my oatmeal the same every day) you can make a 'food grouping,' and then it's just one item to enter (though you get 'credited' for the number of ingredients).

It IS a pain at first, but then it becomes relatively simple because the vast majority of what you eat is ready at your fingertips.

Good success to you.

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7/28/12 12:22 P

There are so many brands of that item and a lot of them we do not get here. It takes me a long time to just figure out how to post breakfast. And then there is soup. I make my own. How do I know the calories in that without taking an hour to break each item down and do the Math. Is there a quick way of doing this? I am just not getting it and it seems to work great for other Spark people.

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7/28/12 12:00 P

What specifically is giving you trouble?

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7/28/12 11:17 A

I am having a hard time figuring how to use the Food Tracker so have just not bothered. I went up a pound this week so know I need to be more accountable and watch my portions not just choose a food because it is low in calories and eat as much as I want.
Can anyone tell me where I get help with this issue. Thanks

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