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4/11/08 4:05 P

Thanks everyone!! You've been so very helpful. I will look at the menu tonight and pre-order my food and I will promise myself to order exactly what I plan to eat even if someone else orders hash browns(Yum!).

4/11/08 12:45 P


They show "some" calorie information for Cracker Barrel on there along with some other restaurants. Its definitely worth checking out!

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4/11/08 9:00 A

You might want to try this lady has a LOT of different restaurants listed on her site with the healthy food choice along with their nut. facts. I use it a lot when we are going on to eat and go ahead and plan what you are going to get and write it down that way you wont look at the menu and be tempted! Good luck!

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4/10/08 7:15 P

Good luck and remember to take the time to enjoy with your family!!!

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4/10/08 6:47 P

Thanks for the tips!!!

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4/10/08 6:34 P

I just looked at the menu. Oatmeal would be ok. They also have eggbeaters, turkey sausage, sugar free syrup, promise spread, and low sugar jam, so you could use those alternatives to make any of your choices lighter.

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4/10/08 6:16 P

Hi there, I ate there several times last month while on vacation in Florida. What I ate was: Grilled Fish (no butter),Baked Potato ( no stuff on it), and the fresh veggies ( without the butter and I asked for water, fresh lemon, and Splenda, and made my own lemonade. I also had a salad, but took my own salad Breakfast I had fruit, wheat toast (don't know if it was whole wheat), and oatmeal.Be sure to TELL them what you want. Good luck and enjoy whatever you decide with your family! emoticon

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4/10/08 5:52 P

~I am going out to eat this weekend to Cracker Barrel. I tried searching for a menu that will list the nutrtional information but found virtually nothing!!! From what I can tell, everything they serve is loaded with fat, sugar and lots of calories.

I am not sure what to order or how to handle this. Me, my mother and sister-in-law are eating there Saturday morning. My mother, takes me and my sister-in-law out of breakfast annually in April because April is our birth months. This year they choose Cracker Barrel.

So any help someone could give me would be great!!

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