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I have big goals in two areas that wouldn't appear so but are going to be very conflicting: Lose weight/get healthy and Pay off debt. I want to do both of these anyway but finally, on the verge of 26 and after 7 years of marriage, I'm ready to start thinking about having kids and I have specific goals in each area I want to meet before I jump into that.

So the problem? My husband already started his second job and I'm in the process of getting back to H&R Block to do taxes next year and we both plan on working our asses off to pay off about $15k of consumer debt then start tackling a ridiculous amount of student loans.

I also just started seriously dieting a couple of months ago. I lost 10 lbs quickly but have stalled out and am working on jumpstarting that again. Unfortunately I'm a HUGE stress/bored/comfort/reward eater (I'm good at finding reasons to snack especially at work). And with both of us working 70+ hours a week there won't be time to cook sensible food for dinners much less enough to bring for lunches.

How does everyone else stay motivated through such high stress and low free time? I just want positive ideas so I can look back on this thread when I really want that brownie/pizza/burger/cookie/etc to keep me on track

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