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7/12/13 11:02 A

You can get a low blood sugar by not consuming enough carbs, but also by eating too many carbs, creating excess glucose, and your body overproducing Insulin, which lowers blood sugars.

Most people do not get low blood sugars ever though. Are you diabetic, or hypoglycemic? If not, what makes you think you are having a low blood sugar? If measuring it with meter, how low?

Then you need to use your food tracker, and make it public. It is hard to give advice without it.

I do want to say that many people who drink shakes, or liquid calories, tend to have blood sugar spike, then rapid drops, as the body produces Insulin. It is natural, the body just working correctly. If you are going to eat like this, you may have to switch to 5-6 meals. It is also the reason, you should have some fat/protein along with each meal, to avoid huge spikes.

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7/12/13 6:15 A

Unfortunately we can't see your Nutrition Tracker (assuming you use it) to see what is happening, i.e. how many calories, balance of carbs/fats/protein etc. so can't give more help, but because it would appear; that you could be Diabetic (doing blood sugar readings) then I would be inclined to make an appointment with your Dr and get qualified information as it pertains to YOU. Also, if you don't have a Registered Dietitian, you may benefit from asking your Dr for a referral to one!

Good luck,

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7/12/13 6:08 A

it sounds as though you're not getting enough calories but it's pretty hard to tell anything when you're not using the food tracker provided by Sparkpeople. I agree with the others that a visit to a dietitian or Doctor may be required.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,300
7/12/13 5:17 A

There are other factors that affect blood sugar levels, such as how much exercise you get-- if you've increased your activity level, that could be a cause for a lower blood sugar level even if your food intake hasn't changed. I'd second the suggestion of an appt. with your doctor and dietician.

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
7/11/13 9:48 P

Hi L,

It may be that you need to alter your meds some. I am assuming since you know your blood sugar that you measure it regularly and you might be on meds. There is a large and active Diabetes SparkTeam where you might be able to find others who have worked through similar issues if that is appropriate.

But go ahead and make an appt with your Dr. or Dietitian, and things will probably continue to need to be reajusted as you fulfill your health and fitness goals.

But sounds like you are making headway, so congrats!


7/11/13 9:21 P

I've been doing the herbalife shakes and really like them. But here recently my blood sugar has been getting low. It just started this last week and I've been doing the herbalife for about 3 months so I'm not sure if its the fact I'm just eating the two shakes for breakfast and lunch or if I need more sugar or something. I always eat dinner and I always include fruit in my shakes. Please help me.

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