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4/9/12 5:52 P

I have to agree....he won't change until he's ready. You can look for healthy and creative ways to sneak in some good food. My husband said he was ready to eat healthier and together we made meal plans and a shopping list but then he wasn't actually ready to do anything about it. I buy healthy food and I end up throwing some of it away (which isn't cheap). I have to let him decide when he's ready. I hope its soon!

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4/9/12 3:04 P

I have some unfortunate news for you: You can't fix your husband.

I know, I know. ;) He's a grown man, not a child, and you can't force him to be healthy. Sneaking things into his diet withut him knowing aren't going to help him to lose weight or be healthier; it'll just make him angry at you when he figures it out later, because you didn't treat him like an adult.

Every time I hear of a grown man or woman who won't "eat their vegetables" I have to shake my head. This is a matter of preference, and it's silly, because there's so may different kinds that it's impossible to hate them all.

He probably just hasn't had a large variety of well-cooked veggies. If he's a meat and potatoes guy, tell him to grill some on a shish-k-bob.

He won't be on board with this until he's ready. I understand the frustration; my husband drinks nothing but sodas, and constantly snacks on high calorie stuff. He never fixes green vegetables, and given his options, he's a meat and potatoes guy too.

This isn't something you can force on him. He'll change when he's ready, and not a moment before.

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4/9/12 2:43 P

Variety - lots of variety. Try things. Different ways to prep, season, etc. My dad always said if you don't like a specific food (like green beans), you just haven't found the right way to prepare them.

Add shredded carrots and celery when cooking ground beef for tacos or chili.

Mash avocado into chicken salad sandwiches, and add diced grapes or apples.

Try steamed corn on the cob, asparagus, fresh green beans, etc. (I love butter and garlic powder on my green beans and asparagus, but hate canned or frozen green beans) Try different herbs on it, maybe drizzle with olive oil too.

Make smoothies with fresh fruits - you can add spinich or other greens too (most you can't taste, start with small amounts)

Its easy to add veggies to soups, and you can even put some of it in a blender so its more cream like and less large pieces of veggies.

You can always look into juicing too since there is NO concern with texture since its just juice.

Personally, I think the texture is somewhat of an excuse BECAUSE they all have different textures - carrots to peas and pineapple to banana's. However, you can't change HIM, he has to want to change, so focus on YOU and your baby.

If you are the one cooking and shopping, then you have the control to make what you want and buy what you want. Find support outside your home - from other family and friends to people on sparkpeople and facebook. Don't allow his refusal to become your excuse.

Good luck and feel free to reach out if you need more support or help!

4/9/12 2:11 P

My husband, though wonderful in many ways, has two major faults. Ok, only one that is actually a fault of his, the other he can't help. He hates most fruits and veggies (because of texture) and he works a swing shift job. I recently had a baby, and though I haven't been released yet, I want to start getting our family healthier starting with what we eat, and then when my doctor okay's it, adding in exercise. I figure if I start with one area and then add the other, it will be less stress and change at one time.

However! Because of hubby's swing shift, he doesn't get to eat at regular intervals like he should (2 weeks on 1st shift, then 2 on 3rd, then 2 on 2nd, and then back to 1st). His schedule is crazy!!! Plus with his dislike for veggies and fruits, its hard to fix him things that are healthy! He will eat green beans, peas, and corn, and if broccoli is covered in cheese or in a Chinese dish, he likes it too. But other than that, he HATES vegetables, and other than strawberries (which he will only eat dipped in sugar) he won't eat any fruits. He says it is a texture thing, which I can understand because some foods do have unappetizing textures. Plus he likes apple juice and orange juice (and not just the sugared down kind) but won't eat the fruit because of the texture.

For one, I need advice on how to incorporate more healthy stuff into his diet since he is a basically a meat and potatoes man, as well as incorporate exercise once we get there. Also, does anyone have any sneaky ways to incorporate other veggies (disguised of course) so that he would THINK they either aren't there or are something else entirely?

I REALLY want to lose weight but I know it would be easier if I had him on the band wagon too!



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