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12/5/12 1:07 A

I created a Spreadsheet a very long time ago and every day entered in my calorie intake. I also put my weight in when I did weigh myself. Occasionally I use the average function to work out the average of calories I need to maintain, what to lose and what to increase. This worked wonders for me so I was able to transition into maintenance and actually maintain, only fluctuating by the odd 1-2lb here and there depending on fluid retention etc.

What works for you may not for others, so perhaps your best best would be to increase your calories in small increments and see what happens.


MALASIL Posts: 66
12/4/12 10:38 P

That seems a little high to me. A good rule of thumb is 11 times your weight. 200 lbs. equates to 2200 calories.

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12/4/12 5:17 P

Sparkpeople will be able to give you a calorie range for maintenance. You go to your start page, then click on "change goal" in the orange box. Put in your current weight for both "current weight" and "goal weight" and change the desired date to something like a year or more out. I have mine as Dec 31 2014. Then click save your changes and it will give you the calorie range to maintain..

Also, maintenance is a bit of a science experiment to figure out where you should be exactly. I eat very close to the top of the range SP gave me for maintenance and I've still been losing a half pound every 2 weeks or so. But, the range at least gives you a starting point.

ARACER Posts: 1
12/4/12 4:24 P

I am a male age 63 and weigh 200 lbs. I was 333 lbs 2 years ago., I walk 12 miles a week and have an office type job. Does 2400 calories a day seem appropriate for maintenance?

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