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1/11/12 8:19 A

Being honest really helps too. When I first started tracking, it really opened my eyes as too both both how much, and how often, I was eating. Tracking really is a great tool.

Having support is also another key. Try to find someone you can connect with, that you can go to. If you don't have that support at home, this site is wonderful for that. Not only is there support en masse found here, it's support from people either going through weight loss, or have gone through weight loss. Many will have faced the same challenges, and can give tips based on real experiences.

Stay active!

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1/11/12 3:21 A

Thanks for your response! I want this so badly and yet I just can't stick with it. Tracking my food intake is the hardest. I do give up too easily when the going gets tough. I do just what you said in your 3rd point, exactly. I will try harder this time!

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1/10/12 12:16 P

Sure several things!!! First off..STAY OFF THE SCALE. once a week is enough to see how you are doing. Many people (myself included) get discouraged by daily weighing..if we dont see a loss we eat. I use a tight pair of jeans to judge my success!
2. post here often. ask for help if you need it!!
3. take it one meal at a time. if you do overeat one meal dont let it blow the whole day or week...just start right back in. chances are one meal will do no damage. too often we say ohh i blew it i will start tomorrow again..or monday...or the first of next month....
We are here to help!! just ask!!

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1/8/12 11:40 P


I recently re-started Spark and the first time I joined I never actually completed my Fast Break goals. They are: drinking 8 cups water/day, go for a walk/day, and reading a success story/day. Does anyone have any tips or advice to keep me on the right track so that I can stop gaining and start losing for good?

Thanks so much!


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