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7/2/13 8:53 P

This expert answer should help you figure out how to categorize any class, video, or game not in the tracker explicitly:

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
7/2/13 4:06 P

I would track the butt and abs routines as Pilates. There is an entry for that in the fitness tracker.

The other 2, I would track as high impact aerobics.

I really like her videos too!

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7/2/13 12:24 P

Unfortunately, it's impossible to list every single "activity" in the fitness section. So, you'll have to make your best guesstimate. And that's really what it's going to be, an educated guess. Unless you are wearing a Body Bugg or even an HRM, there is no way to know for sure how many calories you burn. There are just too many variables to take into consideration. No, you don't have to buy an HRM to lose weight.

If blogilates is similar to pilates, then try logging under pilates for an estimated calorie burn. If it's more like a cardio workout, then log it under aerobics - low impact, general.

When it comes to weight loss, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In short, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat right first. Because if you're not eating right, the weight won't come off if you're exercising. You'll be fitter, but not necessarily scale lighter.

7/2/13 11:32 A

Hi i love the videos by Cassey Ho where she has blogilates, hiitilates, and others can somebody please tell me how many calories they burn? I dont really need to know ALL of the videos cause theres like 100+!!!! But can somebody tell me the calories burned for like;
What makes you bootyful butt challenge
Pop Cardio Warm Up
ABC abs
PSY gangum style cardio dance work out
I really want to know so i can log them under my fitness but i dont know how many calories they burn and i know some others on this website also do them so can somebody please tell me???? Would really appriciate it!!! XOXOXO

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