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8/6/12 8:41 P

Most folks don't even know they are depressed until some big event brings them to that realization. Even then, they may still be in denial and/or won't take help or advice from others. So this would be nearly impossible from afar. But just talking with them on a phone once in awhile to let them know you are there and love them can do wonders.

When I finally had an emotional breakdown at work, I finally got the hint I was not in my right state of mind. I went and got help on my own though since I knew something was wrong and I just wasn't my happy self. I ended up on meds for about 6 months and went through cognitive therapy to help get me off the meds. Meds should be a short term fix and NOT a lifetime crutch. Sadly it is for too many. I did still have a relapse again in about 2 years but after even a shorter spell on meds was able to get through it and make positive changes to get mentally back into it.

The one big thing that not only made me know something was wrong, that I needed help and that I was going to get help was my family. Not that they told me to, but that they loved me and I loved them. I knew I could not be there for them if I didn't take care of myself. So love prevails. Keep the Faith

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8/6/12 7:57 P

Hi..thanks for all the advice..unfortunatley my daughter will not talk to me anymore and has cut off all contact..haven't heard from her since Christmas when she phoned and was mad at me for sending her a Christmas card...this is really tough and hurts bad but nothing I can do about it or help her...just so hard :(

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8/6/12 10:59 A

I agree, No matter how hard it is not to give unasked for advise, being there and truly listening is the best thing you can do.

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9/22/11 9:52 P

It is true we need to take care of ourself or while taking care of others we may become even more depressed than the are. My daughter is a care giver and just said today that she cannot imagine still caring for others at 61 like I do.

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4/8/11 4:14 P

Don't forget to help yourself! When dealing with another person's depression, you may take on a lot of extra stress. If you talk to a counselor, you may help yourself deal with the pressure and get some ideas on how to help your family member since they do not live close.

4/8/11 3:42 P

Depression is a very touchy subject. When you have an adult family member that is depressed it can be even harder. There are a few questions that you should first ask. The first question being is the person an immediate danger to themselves. If yes call for that wellness check. If the person has admitted to being depressed than in a way they are asking for help. If you want to help from far away the easiest thing you can do is just be there from them in any way you can. For instance you can add to your daily or weekly routine and give them a call. You don't have to discuss their depression just try to keep the conversation up beat. Also trying to get them to find a hobby can help to include writing in a journal. The more positive reinforcement in that person's life will make it easier for them to let go of the depression. There is one other solution. Ask a professional what they think you can do to help.

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4/8/11 1:23 A

There's not much you can really do, except be there for them. Be a shoulder to cry on, let them talk to you, and truly listen. Don't be judgemental. You could send them a new journal and encourage them to write down their feelings.

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4/8/11 1:14 A

I'm unsure of anything you can do since you live far away. However if you believe the family member is suicidal, you can contact the police in the city your family member lives in, and they will do a "wellness check" on the person. hope this helps! emoticon

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4/6/11 6:05 P

Hi..I'm looking for some help dealing with depression in an adult family member who lives far away and won't seek medical or professional help..

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