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5/20/11 11:45 A

Some gyms have a machine that looks like an exercise bike that you power with your arms. I used one as part of physical therapy after I broke my arm, and I got to really like it.

MJOLNIR Posts: 15
5/20/11 11:18 A

Riding the bike and rowing are great ideas if you can do them. If not you might focus on circuit traing. Reduce the weight, increase the reps, and reduce/eliminate the rest time between excercises. I hope some of these ideas help. Good luck with your knee.

5/20/11 10:34 A

My daughter was in an accident last summer and had to have reconstruction on her knee. Part of her therapy was a stationary bike. Not a lot of resistance, as you don't want that stress. But, the low-resistance circular pattern was intended to help her keep her range of motion and flexibility. Use your good leg to do the bulk of the work if needed.

Also, you could do a rowing machine, without using your legs.

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5/20/11 6:26 A

I injured my knee at the beginning of the month and it has set back my cardio program. Can somebody please give me some advice on what I can do to keep my cardio workout going that doesn't involve the lower portion of my body. I don't have access to any water facilities but I do have access to a gym. Any help would be really appreciated.

Phil Holst
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