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6/13/13 12:10 P

There's a workout that was made for roller derby skaters called "The Happy Knees Workout," and we do it at practice sometimes as a warmup.

No skates required! It's made to strengthen the knees and reduce the risk of a knee injury.

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6/13/13 11:59 A

I had a one-time visit to a PT in November - it was all I could afford, insurance dropped the whole balance on deductible so I have to out-of-pocket any PT visits in full if I need to go back since deductible is reset again this year...ouch - and they gave me some basic exercises and stretches, which helped at the time, and I stopped doing them when everything felt fine and dandy. I can pull out that list again and start them all over, but I did the ones I remember and things feel fine.

I guess I may need to add more stretches and can restart the heating pad routine; I'd been doing that when I was healing the strain/semi-tear. Now that you said that, I realized whenever I try the basic quad stretch from the exercise listing, it's extremely tight and I feel a tugging / pulling in that same area above my knees where the pain had been. Trying it too long makes them hurt all over again, so I keep that one to a minimum.

Goodness, it's depressing being this out of shape. If I were 90, it'd be one thing, but I used to be extremely fit. How in the heck did I let myself get this bad.

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6/13/13 8:53 A

I agree with doing unweighted leg extensions to start off with, along with 10 minute bouts on the recumbent. After about a week, add an ankle weight, then in another week, add two. Eventually, get to the point of doing air squats.....just 5 at first.

You also need to add stretching. You are in the rebuilding process of your recovery. It is vitally important that you stretch since everything has become tight, and that's probably what is adding to the pain. Those quads of yours, along with the ligaments and tendons, can become too tight. Exercise then becomes painful.

The best way for someone with any kind of muscle/ligament/tendon issue that needs "conditioned" is to a) heat the area first for about 10 minutes with a heating pad, and b) do it several times a day (especially first thing in the morning when you get out of bed). You do this because working out first is not really an option yet, but it will be. You will begin to feel a difference over the course of about a week or so.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
6/13/13 8:35 A

Did you have a physical Therapist after your injuries? Getting recommendations there would really help. Also, this article is interesting

I know that as I have gotten in better shape my knees hurt less. I had to quit lunges, but still do squats to help strengthen them. I think in a few more pounds, I will be able to start lunges back up!

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6/13/13 5:07 A

Perhaps start with unweighted leg extensions and floor slides..and as already stated, a visit to a PT.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
6/13/13 2:20 A

Many people with joint issues find water walking or swimming to be good exercise.

Squats or lunges would be standard exercises to strengthen the knees, but honestly, if 10 minutes on a low resistance bike is causing your knees problems, then this may not be a good place to start.

I'd recommend getting a referral to a physical therapist who can design some exercises that you can safely do, and that will strengthen the knees.


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6/13/13 12:37 A

Can anyone recommend exercises to strengthen muscles and connectives of knees? I strained and nearly tore the tendons above my knees last year with an exercise mishap and have since been fully cleared by the doc (with warning not to be dumb and overdo it again...yeah, I'm doomed!) but I just got a new recumbent bike, put it together, plopped down for all of about 10 minutes tonight on a low resistance just to play with it, and my knees are already singing. I'm in poor shape and the doc said to exercise but just start slow. The lowest setting of a recumbent bike is about as slow a start as I can get, right? I mean, in the reviews, there were people who just had knee surgery using the thing. If I'm going to get some cardio at all, I need to strengthen these poor joints.

Now, part of the "owie!" tonight could have been crawling around on the concrete floor with my little wrenches, chasing the bolts and washers I kept dropping, but my knees are always aching from the most minor exertion. What are some good things to add to my strength training days to be sure my knees get much needed attention?

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