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Cozumel is one of the safer parts of Mexico. As an island, it is highly tourist populated and the Mexican government is focused on keeping it safe to maintain the tourism cashflow. The number one problem is that when kids drink, they make bad choices. Stay in a well respected hotel and stay reasonably sober and you'll be fine.

If she's planning on driving, give her this tip: if she is stopped, do NOT roll down the window. Place your ID against the window so it can be read and insist that you will only give it to the precinct. They will try to tell you they are taking you "downtown." Tell them OK, and offer to follow them there. If they get your ID in their hands, they will try to get you to pay to get it back. If you refuse, they will go away. The President of Mexico has issued an order stating that tourists are not to be harassed with tickets for minor infractions, so unless your daughter is drunk, there will be no ticket.

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My daughter has booked a trip to a resort on Cozumel and I'm worried about her safety. I need any and all information about the atmosphere and dangers if any of Americans going there? Thanks for your help! emoticon

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