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5/3/13 9:05 P

If you don't eat within your recommended calorie range, you WILL have cravings and meltdowns. It's guaranteed.

It doesn't make sense, but you have to eat more to lose weight. Trying to get by on too few calories has sabotaged more than one person here on SP.

As for the chocolate, eat some. Go get a square of high quality, organic, dark chocolate. It will knock out your craving and have very little impact on your efforts.

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5/2/13 8:50 A

I agree. Don't deprive yourself. It is not sustainable. Everyone I know of who deprives themselves has a melt-down, or burns out, or quits.

I make myself what is basically a 100 calorie hot cocoa nearly every day without going over my calories. I use the 45 calorie coconut milk, cocoa powder, and regular sugar mixed with a little stevia.

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5/2/13 7:08 A

This journey isn't about deprivation, but rather a wise choice of food MOST of the time.

You know - chocolate per se isn't bad for you - it is just the type and amount that may not be wise. If you feel you MUST have chocolate, get good quality DARK choc with 70% cocao. Take one or two pieces only (it is pretty rich) and smell it - fill your senses. Then taste a little, Feel it in your mouth - roll it around a little in there. Swallow it. Then repeat until the first piece is finished. Then just eat the second piece, enjoy it - and pop the rest away. A lot of people do this on almost a daily basis. Perhaps after your dinner at night!

This type of chocolate can actually be good for you!

The other thing is this - you started this journey YESTERDAY!!!! You shouldn't be making a heap of changes all at once. BABY steps is the best way to get on this lifestyle journey. Just change one or two things to start with, and then when your mind/body has gotten used to the changes, add something else to the mix. It might be decreasing soda/juice while increasing water, AND getting a bit more mobilization into your day!!

I had a wee peek at your Nutrition Tracker and if you recorded all that you ate, and if this is what you are planning on eating like, please reconsider!
Calories 989
Carbs 136
Fat 27
Protein 48

The minimum calories for an AVERAGE weight sedentary woman is 1200. Add in exercise and the calories goes up. An overweight woman who is sedentary NEEDS to eat more. Be guided by your Range that SP has set.

The fat and protein is really too low too.

If you don't normally eat fruit/veges, then working at increasing these would be very beneficial to you, too!

Calories are best not dropped suddenly. Just gradually work them down, but work them down to a healthy range that SP has set for you! You will find that if you eat enough for your needs, and it is balanced, then you may be less likely to crave.

Good luck

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5/2/13 6:36 A

I'm sat here thinking about chocolate and wanting chocolate. I only just started my healthier, fitter lifestyle yesterday. Is there anyway to get rid of a craving right now? Luckily I don't have any in the house, however, I am contemplating going to the shop to buy some! :(

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