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6/2/14 11:22 P

Thank you! emoticon

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6/2/14 10:46 P

Your total burn is made up of:
* Your metabolism or BMR - what you would burn even if you lay in bed all day. In this case, 1775.
* What you burn through daily non-exercise activities. This is generally reckoned at 20% in addition to your BMR for a sedentary lifestyle, 30-40% for a more active job, and perhaps 50-60% for those whose job is quite physical (eg. construction).
* What you burn through deliberate exercise.

Add those three together to get your total daily burn. BMR + 20% = 2130. I'm not sure how much you are burning through exercise, but let's say 300/day (averaged across the entire week), so a total of a bit over 2400.

As long as you are consuming less than the total then you should lose weight. In coming up with a calorie estimate, Spark has already taken into account the amount of exercise you say you are prepared to do. 1800-2100 sounds about right.


MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
6/2/14 9:44 P

Ok, I stink at numbers. Yet when I am working out and tracking food, I get obsessed with numbers.

My question is this: I get the concept of BMR. Mine is 1775, although I just turned 50 so it might be a tad bit lower. I understand that this is the amount of calories I need just to sustain my body every day, very sedentary.

So. I go to the gym five solid days a week. An hour every time. Ten minutes of cardio, 50 minutes of strength training that gets my heart rate up as well. I really have no idea how many calories I actually burn. Some days when I have some extra fizziness to burn, I will take a quick walk into town and put in another 45 minutes of cardio.

Sparkpeople has me at 2100 calories, top of my calorie range. Where I get lost in all this forest of numbers is how the heck many do I need to burn to expect to lose weight? Is it 250-500 below my BMR of 1775? Or is it somewhere lost in the midst of the extra calories in the 1800-2100 in my calorie range?

Sigh. Now I'm more confused than ever.

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