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5/7/12 5:38 A

Have you tried green smoothies? There are all kinds of recipes out there. You can focus on ones that have the kind of fruits that you like. The ones I make are green in colour but you can't actually taste the greens. And as long as you blend it well, the consistency is that of a milkshake.

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5/7/12 3:48 A

oh i can cook, i add a lot of seasoning to everything. I can cook veggie meals that everyone else loves, i just don't like them.
I cook in all sorts of ways.

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5/6/12 6:21 P

If you don't like the taste, how are the things you eat usually cooked? I've eaten at friends' houses before, and been horrified at how awful the food was, but they ate it like it was the best thing they'd ever had. Burnt, bland burgers, overcooked fries... terrible stuff.

The difference is the seasoning. I eat very flavor-rich foods as a general rule.

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5/6/12 5:49 P

That's a really good point, and one i've never thought of to be honest.
I'm at the doctors at the end of the week to be referred to a dietician, i'll bring it up then :)

5/6/12 5:33 P

If eating the foods makes you feel sick, you might be allergic to them.
Its possible that when very young, you realized you had problems with some foods and you have veered away from them as nature's way of protecting you.

You might consider seeing an allergist to find out why the foods you don't like make you feel sick.

Then, if there is no medical will know it is something else.

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5/6/12 4:25 P

Its tomatoo puree i use in pizza (the only form i like), tell me i'm murder, i know i am.

The cup a soup i like at the moment has leek in it, but it must be powdered as i can't see it.

I like the idea of Salsa on baked potato, that way i only need a tiny bit of cheese on top. Ill certainly try that.

I usually just blend 1, taste it, if i don't like it then i just give it to my baby niece (human food bin)

Not a fan of hummus :(

Its the taste of food, especially vegetables that i don't like, and most of the time i feel sick/are sick after eating anything i don't like.

Tell me about it, i ditched a lot of the takeaways i was eating and opted for homemade meals thinking i'd shift a few pounds, only to find i was putting on weight, i always thought if i make it from scratch it will be reasonable healthy but it's not the case :(

Nope, i don't like tomato, i love tomatoo puree (really strange) but it's the only form of tomato i'll eat.

It is hard, i've never liked vegetables and i'm really struggling to get there.

UPDATE: For some reason i loved spiced onions (from the takeaway), but i do not like onion? Has anyone any idea where i'd fins a similar sauce that i could make on my own?

Thanks everyone for all your help

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5/6/12 3:03 P

I also had the experience of thinking that I was really eating healthy and then discovering that what I ate was really not healthy at all! And then feeling stuck for a while because I couldn't find much to eat.

It sounds like there is at least one vegetable that you do like, and that is tomato, as long as it is made into a sauce, right? So I would start with that as your base. Tomato sauce does not have to be unhealthy. There are canned versions that are better than others, or you could learn to make your own. I'm sure there are healthy recipes on Sparkpeople too.

Try different ways of cooking tomatoes from fresh - roasted, stir fry, on pizza, whatever you can think of that seems like it would be OK to eat.

Then, start pairing tomato or tomato sauce with other vegetables, one at a time. Veggies that I think go well with tomato sauce are bell peppers, onions, garlic, broccoli and mushrooms.

If you find out that you like a particular combination (say, tomato sauce with broccoli), maybe start expanding on broccoli. Try fresh, roasted, stir fry with onions & garlic; with baked potato. If you don't like something, then leave it alone.

Good luck! It's hard to get in the habit of liking vegetables when you never have before, but the long-term benefits are really good, so it's best to at least try!

5/6/12 2:20 P

Are you a fussy eater because foods don't taste good to you or because you don't like the way they look or because they make you feel yucky when trying to eat them?

A lot of your solution will be from the reason you are fussy.

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5/6/12 2:10 P

if you like pizza, replace the tomato sauce with thin slices of tomato and some herbs.
if you're having the cup of soups that are just ramen try adding in 1/4 cup of frozen mixed veggies on top [heat them through first]. if you have to eat the bites with veggies first so that all you have at the end is the noodles you like.
also consider looking for the miso cup of soups, the black bean soup, chilis, curries and the other options out there. some of them [nile, health valley and dr macdougall's are the brands i know off hand] have some pretty decent nutritional info and veggie content for being just add water.
try having zucchini noodles with your egg noodles. use just the amount of egg noodles you usually would, then slice a zuke thin [use a mandolin if you have one. and do 1/4 of the zucchini, tops. and you want to do this longways so that you aren't getting rounds, but long thin noodle shaped slices] and mix it in with the egg noodles when you would add the sauce.
personally i love topping baked potatoes with curry. or salsa. or cheese and broccoli.

when you blend up veggies, how much are you doing at once? because that will be a factor. if you're doing full servings of veggies, try to cut back to no more than 1/4 cup [before you blend it] to mix in with a full serving. if you're doing too much it can overpower the other things you're eating.

how do you feel about hummus? that could easily go with your toast in the morning, and if you make it yourself, you can get a nice amount of veg in there.

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5/6/12 1:55 P

I don't seem to like veg in any way shape or form, i usually blend everything before adding it but even then i think it all just tastes horrible.

Before i started dieting i ate alot of homemade pizza, spaghetti bolagnaise, lasange, currys etc.

Atm im eating toast and boiled egg, fruit salad (with just strawberrys, pineapple, apple and grape as its the only fruit i like) for breakfast and lunch (every day!) and then dinners i'm eating things like egg noodles with sauce, cup-a-soups, baked potato (dry because i can't find a healthy option to put on it), or plain chicken with no sides.

I really have no idea, things i thought were healthy turn out to be not so.

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5/6/12 1:02 P

if you like chips, make your own. pretty much any root veggie or squash [regular or summer] can be sliced thinly, tossed with a little olive oil, seasoned, tossed into the oven and flipped once before taking out at the desired consistency. veggie chips. it's not a do it and you're done tac, but if you find one way to like veggies, you can get used to the taste some and then find more.

if you like heinz baked beans, use that as your base. you could add more canned beans to it, starting with adding 1/4 cup of extra beans per can of heinz. you could add chopped up [or pureed if you really don't like the texture] tomatoes, peppers, onion, carrot, broccoli cauliflower, or spinach to the beans. again, stick with an extra 1/4 cup per can of beans. if you can handle that amount, slowly work up the amount of extras in your baked beans [1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, etc].

if you like potatoes, try making twice baked ones, but mix in some squash, carrots, well, any root veggie or squash will work here again.
also, with your mashed potatoes, start adding in that 1/4 cup of a different veggie. if you usually use 2 big potatoes to make mashed potatoes, add in 1/4 cup of broccoli or cauliflower for some added nutrients. if that doesn't bother you, keep working how much of the new extras you're working in.

have you tried sauteeing veggies with garlic? many people [well, most people really. i feel like i am the only person who hates even the veggies that i like prepared that way] like veg when they are cooked that way. and you can go heavy on the garlic.

if texture is your issue then mincing is your friend. most veg that you dislike the texture of can be chopped very small and added to things like rice dishes [think dirty rice, you get all the flavor of peppers and onions, but when you chop them as small as the grains of rice you don't get a noticeable texture difference] with little issue.

also, what foods are you eating a lot of? knowing that could help get tailored suggestions for what you are already eating [ie meatloaf instead of burgers or just adding some veg to your burgers].

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5/6/12 8:57 A

New here!

I'm a terribly fussy eater, i try most things but anything i don't like just makes me sick.
For example i don't eat any vegetables except marrowfat processed peas (not great), Heinz baked beans (not great) and potatoes. You may think oh potatoes aren't that bad, but i only like them mashed, baked or chips.

My problem is i eat far too many carbs as i know i like bread, pasta and potato so tend to eat a lot of them.

I'm looking for simple, cheap recipes that contain few ingredients, just so i can try and see for myself.

I'm on a diet now and find myself having to eat the same things each day as i don't have much healthy options that i like.

Some things i don't like; most veg, any cheese except the cheap own label orange brand at supermarkets, Stew, Most soups, any meat except chicken or minced beef, any seafood or fish.

I really like foods with a bit of spice to them or anything garlic-y

Any suggestions?

I know it's my own fault, i've always been this way and can't seem to change it no matter how hard i try so any recipes will be really helpful.

Thank you

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