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Believe me, that kitchen battle's the toughest part. ;)

Unless you're seriously doing major weight lifting, you don't generally need more protein than you get from a regular diet to support your muscles. It is important to get your protein/carbs within 30-60 minutes after a tough workout (Especially when weight training) so that your muscles will recover, but you shouldn't need supplements to do that.

Personally, I do take protein shakes, but only as pre-workout fuel. I eat real food the rest of the time, and don't skip meals.

The best thing in the world you can do to maintain your muscle is just by strength training... cardio and weight loss will cause some muscle loss, but you can mitigate it with weight training.

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5/28/12 2:55 P

I was leaning more on the supplements to maintain my muscle like protein shakes or something. I know you can't spot remove fat, but overall losing weight I think my tummy will get hit the most since almost the rest of my body is pretty much alright. Thanks for your opinions though! I need to battle the kitchen tonight lol

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There are no supplements that will greatly enhance you weight loss efforts; they'll make you lighter, yes, but only in the wallet. Even Alli, an FDA approved supplement, only boosts weight loss by 5-7 pounds... a year. And the side effects are horrific enough that you don't want to bother. (Seriously, two works: Anal leakage.)

The real key to losing weight in the kitchen. You can exercise all you like, but if you don't maintain a healthy calorie deficit in the kitchen, your efforts will be wasted. You can't lose th fat on your belly through exercise... only overall weight loss will make that happen. It is difficult to build any substantial muscle while maintaining a calorie deficit, so you'll have to focus on one or the other at this time. :) Set up your sparkpeople nutrition tracker, and stay in your calorie range, and you'll start to see results. It won't be fast, though; this isn't a race, and fast results now generally mean faillure later. Aim for slow and steady 1-2 pounds a week) and you're far more likely to get it off, and KEEP it off!

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Hey guys,
My name is Jimmy and I'm 19 about to be 20. I've been physically active my whole life, but always being a bit high on the weight scale. I've played football most of my life and have a pretty big build. I'm also Asian, but I don't know if that matters with genetics or anything. I have no problem jumping into a routine and doing stuff, but I don't know what to do so that I can drop weight and build muscle.

I am 223lbs now much of that gained from College and it's horrible food. I want to drop down and lose all this fat on my belly and just overall tone up the body I've worked so hard to build over my years. I have all this muscle trying to peak through, but my fat is hiding it.

I work from 11 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. most days for this summer and I have a membership at the YMCA.

I want to keep building my muscle and lose my fat as quickly but safely as possible.
I've never took any type of supplements for anything, and I'm willing to use any that are safe and show results with hard work.

I really just wanted to routine you guys might do do achieve the goals I want.

*sorry this is so long*

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