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9/9/13 2:19 P

I agree. Check the shoes!

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9/7/13 4:37 P


I agree. what are you wearing for shoes ? Are you wearing proper footwear ? Most ankle, foot or joint injury can be traced back to improper foot wear. Have you had problems with your ankles in past ? Do you have varicose veins ? I have varicose veins. As a result, my legs and ankles will swell up because of fluid retention every once in a while. One thing you should do is elevate your feet in the evening. That will help. Support hose help too.

I would start by getting fitted for a proper pair of cross trainers. Don't wear any old shoe. if you have weak ankles, you'll need good support. Go to a reputable sports store to get fitted. I know the prices are cheaper at places like Walmart or Target, but those people aren't trained to fit a person for sports shoes. Thus the reason to go to a reputable sports store.

Wearing the right shoes really will make a big difference.

If you're new to exercise, you should slowly ease into a routine. Don't try to do too much too soon or you could end up injured. Which is another possible cause of your ankle pain. You may have tried to do a little more than your body could handle. You should definitely take it easy a few days to give your ankles a chance to heal.

You will not derail any of your efforts at weight loss if you do. When it comes to weight loss or even weight gain, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In short, you can't out run a bad diet with exercise. If you want to take the weight off and keep it off, you have to eat right and watch your portions first.

Do make sure you're fitted for a proper pair of shoes. Take it easy for a few days to see if your ankles improve. If not, talk to your doctor, just in case. Don't let any injury become a chronic one.

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Are you wearing the right shoes and are they laced tight enough (but not too tight)? I've found that I definitely need cross trainers and NOT running shoes when I do circuit/boot camp/dance type classes. They support my feet so much differently. It's a little unfortunate, because I can find the coolest looking runners, but have a harder time finding cool looking cross trainers.

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9/6/13 9:23 P

I have been doing circuit training for two weeks. The last few days, after I am done with my workout, my ankles hurt and are retaining some fluid. Oddly enough, they don't hurt during my workout, just in between workouts. I don't have any major health issues, so I don't think there is anything serious going on. I am trying ice, ibuprofen and elevation. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to minimize this, so I can continue with my weight loss journey?

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