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Definitely build up a solid walking base before starting to transition to running - aim at being able to walk at least 3 miles briskly and comfortably before running.

Also, even when the temperature is hot, if you can avoid the direct sun, things can be much more comfortable. Early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is lower can be great.


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6/19/13 11:21 P

putting exercise in your life on purpose helps too. Park the farthest away from the store and walk in. using your stroller and take baby for a walk. Dancing around the house.

6/19/13 10:30 P

I can definitely try to get up and walk before everyone wakes up. Two of my kids don't sleep very well so sometimes that can be an issue, but if I set it as an appointment it will be doable I think. I'll see if I can start tomorrow (need to make sure of what time hubby will be needing to leave for work as someone always has to be here).

I really want to get active again. It helps me feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally. It helps me to feel confident, and get that momentum going with my goals.

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6/19/13 9:26 P

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I started exercising by going to classes at the gym. When I first started I'd have to take breaks every 2-5 minutes and in fact I blacked out the first time I did cardio at the gym. Taking into account your weight and other factors (lack of endurance, etc) I would NOT be trying to run right now.

Can you get up and walk before everyone wakes up? bonus: it is also cooler out then. These days I get up at 4 and meet one of my running partners for an hour at 5, and am home by 6. My son usually wakes up between 6-7 and my husband gets up at 7.

6/19/13 9:01 P

Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice in getting active again. Right now I am not working out at all. My goal is to be running a 5k at some point, hopefully not too far in the distant future (obviously at minimum several months to a year).

I was doing well with exercising before I got pregnant last year. I was doing the 30 day Shred and walking. When I got unexpectedly pregnant, I wound up with some physical pain in my pelvis that made it difficult to walk, so exercise was out. Despite all that I was motivated to eat healthy for me and my baby while pregnant, and stayed very healthy, considering. After I had my son I was 20 lbs lighter than pre-pregnancy, which the doctor said was a healthy thing given my weight. Baby came out 8 lbs 9oz, and healthy as can be. :)

Since I had my son I have had a difficult time getting back on track. My son just turned 7 mos old, and I have gained back those 20 lbs (plus about 5 more). That's a lot of weight in a short period of time, and I am very frustrated with myself for gaining.

I've since started cutting out soda (I had eradicated it completely for 4 months but fell off the wagon last month). I have greatly increased the amount of fresh fruits and veggies, and reduced the amount of grains I eat since we don't have much bread in the house anymore (I still eat fruit and some sugar/honey). I'm mostly happy with my diet, though I could stand to cut back in a few more places.

What I would REALLY like to do is get active. I think my goal is being *healthy* and while I'm making good changes in my diet, I'm not physically healthy the way I want to be. I am strong, but I am overweight (270 last I weighed) and have very little endurance.

I ran for one minute the other day and walked one minute after. My hips were killing me, but it felt good to be active, and I was surprised I could run the whole minute. Hubby and I have gone on walks that are about a mile and a half, but it is SO. HOT. Walking is difficult right now.

I have no privacy in my home. Long story but our front door literally opens into the room we use as our bedroom. Mom lives with us - have 3 kids, and one has severe needs that require helpers with her all day). I am shy about exercising, but could try being brave.

I have a Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss DVD. I don't think I have my copy of 30 day Shred anymore, but I could order one.

My concern is my endurance. Where do I start?? I don't really want to do a C25k thing because it is so difficult to walk/run right now in this awful heat. I'll work on my fitness and endurance and start c25k when it cools off a bit in the fall.

Suggestions?? How did you START exercising?

I feel like I have zero endurance, though I am strong.

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