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SAMMIESMOM13 Posts: 6,297
1/3/13 10:10 A

Thank you. :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,772
1/3/13 9:49 A

You might not be able to contact her directly, but if you post your suggestion in the What's Up forum on the Message Boards, our staff will see it there and take your request into consideration.


Coach Jen

SAMMIESMOM13 Posts: 6,297
1/3/13 9:37 A

Coach Nicole. I just can not figure out how to find her. I've tried and tried. I want to ask her to do a challenge for folks who can not do the exercises most can do. Some of us need a special challenge for disabled people. I think it's only fair to include us in the prizes! :)

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