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1/17/12 8:38 A

Thank you everyone. These were really helpful ideas. I have my meal plans emailed me to me each morning but I think I will set up a reminder email each week for groceries. This way I can always call hubby on the way from work to pick up a few things for the next week's meals if we are out. & I like the idea of planning my morning. I've tried planning out the day hour by hour but by the afternoon its gone to pot & then I figured the plan wasnt working-but I like the idea of keeping a morning plan.

Thanks again. I will try to stick with it!

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1/13/12 3:29 P

I don't have that much on my plate and I still have to write myself notes.

My hubby and I have a note pad on the fridge. When something is low or gone, we write it on the paper. Then I have my list.

Do you have an organizer? Could you put reminders in there?

It will take forcing yourself at first until it gets integrated into your routine like taking care of your kids and doing your classes.

Is hubby willing to help?

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1/13/12 1:37 P

Have you tried writing your meal plans out for the week in an actual planner? I have one myself and it's my only way to hold myself accountable when I have a busy week and I know there are times where I can't jump on Sparkpeople to do it. Writing your meal plans down (also writing reminders to yourself to set out your ingredients the night before in a place where you can easily reach them) will hold yourself accountable more than anything else will.

Also from above, lay out your ingredients in an easily accessible place so when you do have to throw something together quickly, you're not scrambling through shelves to find something. Same goes with cooking tools, too; find places they are in view so you know where to get them.

Planning takes self-discipline, and with a busy schedule it might be difficult to do. I work full time with two jobs AND go to school full-time, so my schedule is usually loaded. I'll set about 30 minutes to an hour at some point on my day off to schedule for the next week what is going on. This has helped me more than anything to keep organized and also avoid planning things in the spur of the moment or day by day!

1/13/12 1:31 P

Just like the delightful little ones you have, who want to stuff strawberries in your face, changing your lifestyle will literally take baby steps. It takes 3-4 weeks to change a habit, don't expect immediate 'miracles'. Take a look at what is going on and what you can control and choose one thing that you will work on for the next 3-4 weeks. Maybe it will be concentrating on a great start to the day with 10 minutes of activity and a healthy breakfast. Write yourself a note for a shopping list for that one meal for each day the week and start there. After you have 'mastered' that baby step, time to take on the next objective. We are all too hard on ourselves and in too much of a hurry. One minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time and you will become the person you want to be. Be grateful for the moment for it is the 'present' that you have right now.

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1/13/12 11:26 A


You certainly have a lot on your plate. pardon the pun. considering how busy your day is, it's not a wonder you occasionally forget to plan things out. So, no more beatings. the beatings aren't productive.

What to do ? How about actually getting a calendar and writing out exactly what you'd like to do for the day. Put that calendar on your frig or some other place you know you'll look at it. If scheduling your whole day seems daunting, then start with something simpler.

How about planning out your mornings ? get that calendar or planner out and write out what you'd like to do each morning. Then, you do your best to stick to that plan as best you can. If you deviate now and then, don't beat on yourself. You really are juggling a lot of balls in the air. Something is going to drop at some point. it happens.

You do the best you can.

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1/13/12 10:59 A

Hi all,

So I have a very simple menu plan for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Each meal is only about 10-15 minutes til prepared but I keep forgetting to keep my ingredients stocked & the next thing I know I dont have what I need to make our meals. I end up scrambling & I end up eating something sugary but high calorie that doesnt sustain me.

I have a toddler & an infant & much of my day is spent taking care of "emergencies" like spills, diapers changes, fighting, & accidents that are about to happen, etc. such that I turn around & its time for bed! I just cant get a handle on maintaining a proper schedule & plan. Plus I take classes online for 2 degrees & am starting an online business that I already wake up much earlier than the kids in order to get some work done. I dont mean to be making excuses here I'm just in crisis mode all the time & dont know how to get out of it. As I write this my 14 month old is climbing on my shoulders & shoving strawberries in my face lol!

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