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8/20/12 3:40 P

There is a lot of great information.
To add to it think about all of the things that you have learned so far, about yourself about what works for you in this lifestyle change.
Have you seen Moonstruck where Cher slaps Nicholas Cage and says "snap out of it! " When I get into negative thinking this is great advice for me.

How long had you gained weight for before you decided to make a change? Recently I gained 8 pounds, but before that I had decided to just maintain my weight through a stressful period. The fact that I noticed and put a stop to it and now have lost 3 of those pounds is a huge success for me. In the past it was not unheard of for me to put on 20+ pounds and not notice. This time I heard the wake-up call earlier and nipped it pretty close to the bud.

When you have a behavior that you suspect is not helpful for you, ask yourself what purpose that serves. When I see only what I have screwed up I overlook the longer term successes I have had. You can retrace your earlier steps towards your lifestyle change and continue your journey. One of my favorite motivations is "It's not failure if you haven't given up. "

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8/20/12 3:25 P

Do something tangible: grab an article of clothing you want to fit into. Hang it up in a spot were you'll see it every day. Put a note ion it that says, "GOAL!".

You can also do the opposite (which is what I did): grab your dumpiest, frumpiest whatever-it-is (in my case, lounge pants w/ stretched out elastic that were the only things I had left to comfortably sleep in).

Hang those up in that prominent spot, write the words, "GOAL #!!" in Sharpie and tape it on the hanger. Make it your goal to have them FALL OFF you.

Then try them on periodically to physically SEE how far you are coming! Reward yourself for your progress.

Once you make the goal, write the date of when you made it on that note and keep 'em hanging there to remind you of where you came from.

This works really well for those of us who don't use a scale to measure progress.

Lastly, start NOW. This minute. No "farewell" binge. Go buy some veggies and prepare them for your next snack or meal. Success = preparation + hard work. At the end off the day, it boils down to the simplicity of: Just Do It! Do NOT "diet" or aim for perfection (both are set-ups for failure). Progress; not perfection.

I was exactly like you! I could have written what you wrote. So many of us could have! Let this be your ah-ha moment. Soak up all the success stories & woo-hoo moments on this site. If these people can do it, so can YOU.

Good luck!!! You can do this.

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8/20/12 1:41 P

I agree with the others, it is good that you are reaching out. That is the first step I believe. I have the same issue you do when we go camping. It sucks! Why does camp food all have to be so unhealthy?! emoticon
I am better all year then I am in the summer, but this time I have set goals for myself that I want REALLY REALLY bad! I have a pair of pants that I bought 20 years ago and have never been able to wear them, hanging on my bathroom door. It reminds me everyday why I am still doing this. I also have set other goals (well they are more desires) I want my hubby to be able to carry me. I've never been carried LOL
You have to decide WHY you want to lose the weight. Keep a journal can help too. I have lost weight and gained weight so much in my life too. It sucks!
I hope you all the best luck and may your dreams come true!!

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8/20/12 1:10 P

It's good that you are reaching out for help. My best advice is to take control back and take it back right now. Don't wait for tomorrow or even later today. It's easy to wait for tomorrow, but, tomorrow always seems to turn into another day where it's easy to wait until tomorrow. It's so, so, easy to just keep telling yourself that today's the last day of being out of control and tomorrow you will get back on track.

I sometimes find it helpful to take some time and just sit and think about things. It's not a time to beat yourself up, but, rather a time to just contemplate, think logically and think about what's best for you and what you want. For example, think about how you felt at your highest weight and how you felt at your lowest weight. Think about how much the 20 lbs that you've gained actually weighs. Pick up something that's 20 lbs and feel the weight of it. Think about carrying that weight all day, every day. Think about how excess weight affects your life and how it makes you feel (both physically and emotionally). Ask yourself if the overeating is worth the weight and the potential health consequences. I'm pretty willing to bet that the answer will be no. Again, this is not a time to beat yourself up, make yourself feel guilty or anything like that. It's more of a time to affirm to yourself that you are worth the effort to get healthy and deserve to be healthy. It's a time to accept the past, forgive yourself, and move on. You cannot change the past, but you can make the future better.

Make sure you have an eating plan where you can eat within your calorie range and feel satisfied. You should not have to feel miserable to lose weight and get healthy.

You can do this. You've already had some excellent success losing weight. You've just fallen off the wagon. We've all done it at one time or another. You just have to decide to hop back on.

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8/20/12 12:37 P

Don't panic. Take a deep breath and think for the next 30 minutes I will control what I eat and how I move. Then conquer the next 30 minutes. You have lost a lot of weight. So you know you can do it. Find a non food reward for every 4 hours you stay on track. It can be working on a fun project, watching a movie, reading a chapter of a good book, talking to a friend on the phone. You are in panic mode and you need to short circuit that line of thinking. You can do it. You have done it in the past.Pretend you are my coach and I brought you this problem what would you tell me to do? You were really smart to come here instead of the refrigerator.

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8/20/12 12:20 P

Hi, Linda ! Don't worry, you CAN get control of your life again.

First off, have you been under any unusual stress ? Are you having problems at work, home, school, family or relationship ? Excess stress can cause a person's healthy habits to unravel. I'm a firm believer that if a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline. If you don't have any excess stress in your life, have you been eating out of boredom ? Many people do eat out of boredom too.

What is different about your life these past two months ? Something has changed. Something has caused you to abandon your healthy habits. whatever that something is, you have to identify it and deal with it. Once you've identified what is causing you to turn to food for comfort, you can start taking charge of your life again. Eating is just a symptom of something else that's going on.

My advice ? Don't look at weight loss or good health with an all or nothing mentality. If the only healthy thing you were to do for yourself was to drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction. As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for the POSITIVE things you do for yourself and don't beat yourself up because you're not perfect. You don't have to perfect to be healthy.

Start with some simple changes you CAN stick with first. Example, if you're not used to eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies, set a goal to eat 2-3 servings each day for one week. If you're not used to drinking 8 glasses of water, set a goal to drink 2-4 glasses each day for one week. if you're not used to regular exercise, set a goal to take a 30 minute walk each day for one week. once you've achieved these goals, then you set new ones.

And that's how a journey to good health starts. It doesn't start with all or nothing. It starts with some simple changes.

So, let me ask you, what simple changes are you willing to try this week ? Write those things down on a calendar. And tick them off each day you accomplish them. That's a visual cue for you to help keep you engaged in those healthy habits.

As far as camping, try to avoid eating any junk food. In fact, try to bring along healthier snacks you can eat so that you don't feel an urge to eat chips or junk. Bring some fresh fruit. bring some nuts or granola bars. Do your best to eat more healthfully. once again, you don't have to be perfect. Don't beat yourself up if you do decide to have some chocolate. But, try not to mindless eat it either.

Are you going to do any fishing ? If so, there is nothing like the taste of fresh caught fish. I know everyone love burger, but you can get those any where. go fishing for your dinner. it's great exercise and you'll really appreciate that fish when you eat. Try to stay active when you're camping. Go on hikes. go canoeing. take a swim. canoeing is fun ! hiking is fun. keep yourself active and when it's time for your meal, eat heartily, healthfully and mindfully.

It's okay to indulge, but try not to overindulge too much.

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8/20/12 11:53 A

I don't have any answers for you but I can definitely relate. I am currenty 160 lbs overweight, and I too am good at making excuses. We boat all summer so of course I eat more and unhealthy whch has carried over when I am at home. I keep saying as soon as summers over, that's it. I have lost and gained so many times, Iv'e lost count. I know exactly what I need to do, I just can't seem to find the motivation to do it :(

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8/20/12 10:40 A

Sorry :(
It's really your decision, you know. Baby steps, I'd start with changing junk to healthy, asking myself why I'm doing this to myself and then check up the portion size. You are the only one who can break that circle, so just remember that you're not hopeless case - we all fall sometimes and it's ok. The thing that really matters is that we get back up, so just think why do you want to loose that weight and make the reasons as visible to yourself as you can to stay motivated.

Be strong girl!

LINZEE118 Posts: 4,202
8/20/12 9:54 A

Please, does anyone out their have some answers for me! I am in the process of losing 120 lbs
I seem to have lost all control. I have went off track before but not to this degree. I am really starting to get scared! Gained back 20 lbs. in two months. I go camping a few days a week during the summer. I am eating very unhealthy plus some junk food on top of it. I think I use camping as an excuse to eat what I want but now I eat unhealthy even when I'm at home. Lost all control! At this rate I am going to gain ALL this weight back & ALL the hard work will be down the drain! I can't seem to get back on track & gain control! I do much better in the winter. What's my problem? I am my own worst enemy? Can anyone out their relate to this or have ANY suggestions? emoticon emoticon Linda

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