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12/16/12 4:32 P

expecialy when I sleep in weird patterns

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12/16/12 4:59 A

May just be the time of the year. The days are shorter and it is dark longer. We all want the summer back.

Get Christmas over and the nights get shorter.

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12/16/12 12:37 A

How are you doing?

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11/28/12 8:18 A

First off if you are still getting used to the new job that may need more time.
Some ideas: geocaching! Go to to find locations in your area. Fun for the whole family and FREE!!
Bike path or park..again free!
Sledding..most towns have a municipal golf course with great hills!!
Hope this helps!!!

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11/25/12 6:39 P

start slowly

11/25/12 10:18 A

It's Sunday morning and I just might get something done today.
For the past few months my routine has been:
~work 46 -53 hours a week on my feet in a physically demanding job
~use a liquid B vitamin complex daily
~sleep soundly from 9p-5:30 a.m. during the week
~sleep about 12 hours Friday night to Saturday morning
~recover on Saturday by staying home all day with maybe a trip to the grocery store and a few light chores like laundry
I'm 51 and just starting a new career and it's tough to maintain my energy at work. I've adjusted during the week and don't really mind going to bed so early on weeknights, but I sure would like to get more out of my weekends.
Suggestions welcome.....oh, and I have my own recent college loans as well as two kids in college, so please limit ideas to free. Even "reasonably inexpensive" is out of the question.
I've also weaned myself off Ginseng in the past 8 months because I've found that it leaves me with an energy deficit after the Ginseng wears off, so I sort of only use it in emergencies.....

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