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3/20/14 8:31 P

yes & I love them. Thank you.

LINDA_COTY2000 SparkPoints: (4,427)
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3/20/14 8:30 P

lol thank you,enjoy that salad

3/20/14 12:11 P

I agree with AVID - roast your own chicken or turkey & keep it in the fridge for the week. That way you control the sodium. You could also alternate that with shrimp, eye of round beef slices, grilled tuna or salmon - any protein you like. Hard boiled eggs (or just the whites). Feta cheese. Of course veggies are limitless. Nuts like slivered almonds, or seeds. Chick peas and other beans for fiber AND protein.

In fact, now you have me in the mood for a great salad!


3/20/14 9:33 A

Beans! Like garbanzo beans or kidney beans.

3/20/14 8:25 A

Every Sunday I bake a few chicken breasts for lunches throughout the week, to add to salads, sandwiches, etc. The flavoring options are pretty much endless. One of my favorites is an Italian garlic and herb blend. If you cover the chicken with a little broth or water and then cover the pan with foil, you get a nice moist piece of seasoned chicken. I also like them with curry powder. A curried chicken salad is really tasty.

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3/19/14 5:57 P

Couple of boiled eggs. Some canned, low- or no-salt added chicken or tuna, however much fits the calorie bill. Veggie options in appropriate amounts that have substantial protein or fat (check labels for salt where applicable): canned beans or chickpeas, chopped or slivered nuts, seeds, avocado.

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3/19/14 1:17 P

Why did you post this again?

You were getting nice responses to this in the Cafe, where you originally posted it.

People made great suggestions to you there....

3/19/14 1:06 P

Sometimes I roast a chicken and shred that up at the beginning of the week. I keep it in the fridge, it's a great go to for low cal salad toppings, wraps, and sandwiches. You get to control the salt/fat content and can even marinate it before roasting to infuse more flavor. I like to make marinade out of apple cider vinegar and spices.... Mmmm!

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3/19/14 12:31 P

Hi there, I was looking at making a nice salad for lunch. Spring mix, tomatoes cukes, green pepper,, Scallions and at this point I usually put a 2 or 3 slices of slices of either ham, turkey, or both. Maybe even 3 slices. But that's killing me in salt. over 300 per slice I think over 350 per slice even. This is where I need help. Any suggestions to substitute for the meats? Feta cheese is also a killer. I knew it was salty but that is out of this world. I really need to cut back. Thank you ahead of time.

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