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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
9/29/13 9:25 P

Well, technically, epsom salts baths ARE supplementation! It's just not *eaten* supplements. From what research I've read, magnesium may well be better absorbed transdermally (via baths of this nature) anyway.

Of course, proper nutrition is the best method of achieving your basic dietary needs. But as has already been mentioned, many of our growing conditions aren't especially conducive to proper mineral content. I supplement magnesium orally... it works well for me. I do monitor all my nutrients with regular lab testing, however.

SUSUSUZZZIE Posts: 7,038
9/29/13 8:46 P

I understand not all labels include magnesium, but I think eating mostly whole foods with lots of veggies gives me a pretty good idea how much I'm getting. I don't supplement. If I'm running a little low, it's usually because I haven't been eating nuts. Almonds usually get me close to where I want to be. I also periodically take a nice Epsom Salts baths.

Good luck!

EAYW47 Posts: 8,041
9/29/13 7:47 P

So glad I finally looked for a reason for such low magnesium numbers. Thank you.

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6/18/13 3:52 P

thank you emoticon

6/18/13 3:51 P

thank you for the link to the web sight, it was very helpful. emoticon

6/18/13 3:48 P

Thank you, I didn't about it until you mentioned it, I do need to add more greens to my diet. emoticon

6/18/13 3:45 P

you are so right, emoticon thank you

6/18/13 3:43 P

thank you emoticon

6/18/13 7:30 A

I eat a lot of green vegetables which are a great source of magnesium but I still supplement as well. It is a very important mineral in the body.

EMSR2D2 Posts: 1,395
6/18/13 7:25 A

In the UK, the majority of the population is at least mildly magnesium deficient. Once upon a time, when we ate food that had actually been grown in the same country and before intensive farming, the soil was packed full of magnesium. Now it's been almost completely depleted so it's actually quite hard to get it from diet. Both my nutritional therapist friends say that magnesium deficiency is one of the most common things they see in their clients.
I work in a health food shop and it's amazing how many people who come in with low energy, lethargy, tiredness, aching muscles etc perk up with magnesium and vitamin B supplementation.

6/17/13 9:40 P

Dragonchilde has shared some helpful information.
If you want to include some higher magnesium foods, click this link and select magnesium by content.


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6/17/13 5:43 P

Are you tracking this by your nutrition tracker?

REmember that you may be getting more than you think. Not all labels contain this information, and if you're using user-generated entries, they may not have bothered to include this nutrient.

I wouldn't worry about it. If you're concerned, have your doctor check for any nutritional deficiencies, and if needed, you can get supplements as directed or adjust your diet, but the odds are you're getting plenty as it is.

6/17/13 5:09 P

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do or eat to get the necessary amount of Magnesium, Mg? Thank You emoticon

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