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KLHKLH Posts: 18
11/19/12 2:56 P

Good tip, thanks!

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11/19/12 2:54 P

Oh I see. I definitely think a sub sandwich would be your best bet. The veggie sandwich already mentioned, or even one w/ turkey, just skip the mayo.

If your grocery store has a salad bar, you could build yourself a pretty nice salad for 600 calories, just watch which dressing you get, usually anything with "vinagrette" in the name is pretty good. My store has a pretty nice salad bar, and they also sell things like grilled chicken in the deli section.

I like to go to Chipotle to eat also. I get a bowl with just rice, steak, hot salsa, and some cheese and it comes out to 480 calories.

KLHKLH Posts: 18
11/19/12 2:50 P

NO, I eat with my family, but bring my own meal. The 600 calories is the calories left in my "budget" for today. I can stop at the grocery store on my way.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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11/19/12 2:48 P

I would get a veggie sub with some cheese on it. Filling, easy to eat.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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Posts: 2,171
11/19/12 2:47 P

I'm a little confused. You want a 600 cal meal from the grocery store? Does it have to be the same as what you're taking to your clients? Do you have to eat it in the car on your way to your second job?

KLHKLH Posts: 18
11/19/12 2:33 P


I'm making today my day to be in control of my food choices, however, I forgot my pre made lunch at home. I'm working my day job today and had cereal and milk for breakfast (wheat chex and 1% milk, then green salad for lunch from the cafeteria. BUT, now I'm going to my second job and need to get food from the grocery store to take to my clients over dinner.

Help, what should I get that will satiate my tummy and still meet 600 cal. meal!!

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