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11/18/11 5:08 P

I can knock out a couple servings of any vegetable in a smoothie if I sweeten it with a banana. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/18/11 4:13 P

this has been my biggest triumph so far as I am now adding veggies to things I like a lot. Spinach is becoming a big part of my meals! Tonight I am going to make homemade chicken noodle soup
il.asp?recipe=861933. That cup of onions is going to be pureed to all hell!

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11/18/11 7:50 A

I used to not like them but now like most. What helped was to add them to the foods I did like so put them on top of pizza or in eggs.
Also a small amount of nut butter,ranch what ever can make a big difference

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11/18/11 6:32 A

I made a chicken fettuccine Alfredo w/ Spinach and it was really good!

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11/17/11 4:13 P

glad it was good for people other than me

TWILAT Posts: 215
11/17/11 8:02 A

It's not that I don't like veggies. I love a lot of them. My problem is that I'm home alone in the evenings and don't take the time. I use to get my veggies in and I have stopped. Just wanted to let everyone know that this post has encouraged me to start fixing them again. I like the idea of roasting them.

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11/17/11 6:28 A

Well last night I tried the low sodium V8 in the sauce and I could not taste the difference! I also ate some baby tomato in my salad and it was alright (like a bitter apple). The salad had radish, carrots, lettuce, and baby tomatoes. I also drank a Green Machine at lunch. I'm getting their, I think next time I will grate some spinach in to my meal.

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11/17/11 2:20 A

It is not that the veggies taste terrible, but rather it is difficult to cook them right, far more difficult than cooking meat. I personally wasted a lot of veggies trying to cook them following a recipe. So the problem, I suspect, is that you need to find out a way to cook them that makes the resulting food at least edible, if not flat out delicious. A good way is roasting them, as suggested, and putting a layer of melted low-fat cheese on top. You can also put in there some meat if you like. There are many more ways that you can cook vegetables, but all are more elaborate than just roasting.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
11/17/11 2:04 A

I have always loved veggies! And fruits too!

It's meat I have a problem with, I can't stand animal fat! Makes me throw up!

LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (212,789)
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11/17/11 1:48 A

I don't know where you live, but we bar-b-que year round, so veges on the bar-b-que are heavenly brushed with olive oil and seasoned with favorite herbs and spices.
I drink low sodium V-8 at work when I'm on the run. It works for me.
This thread gave you some awesome ways to begin to get veges in your diet. I believe that anything new takes time and patience.
Don't rush.
Good luck.

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11/17/11 12:54 A

The first thing I would say is that you might just have to (temporarily) get over the idea that your veggies all need to taste wonderful. It's like putting fuel into a car... it doesn't matter whether or not the car likes the taste of the gasoline! You fill up the tank with the gas that makes your car run its best. Fill up your body with the food it needs to function properly.

I am a former veggie hater, and now a seven-year vegetarian. I was twenty when I ate my first salad. I didn't know cabbage from lettuce. I didn't know how to cut a tomato (yeah, yeah, it's fruit...). Basically, I was a few weeks from my twenty-first birthday and I looked at myself in the mirror and said, "You're being stupid. Start eating vegetables, you idiot." So I started eating vegetables. And they didn't really taste good. But I stuck with them, and would HUGE quantities of different vegetables every day. I remember salads of carrots, grated red cabbage and lamb's lettuce. Or roasted root vegetables on a bed of arugula. And eggplant planks rolled around bell pepper strips. I just kept eating vegetables- ALL sorts, prepared ALL ways. And after several months of eating 5-10 different fruits and veggies every day, and at least thirty to forty different varieties every month, my taste buds adapted. Now I can't get enough! You really do just need to up the variety and stick with it looooong term.

11/16/11 1:50 P

Have to concur about the roasting of veggies. Always use a healthy fat, like the olive oil mentioned. Stay away from anything aritificial, the fake stuff, yuck.

The cool thing about roasting them, is it brings out the natural sugars in the veggies, they will caramelize which deepens their flavours. With Thanksgiving coming up, roasted veggies has always been a family tradition. My mother always just put in several bags of brussel sprouts into the turkey drippings, in the last hour of cooking. Potatoes, too.

When I went to a very fancy Thanksgiving one year, when I was a travel nurse... the daughter was a professional caterer, and she roasted all sorts of root veggies, got that same wonderful flavour I was used to at home. Might be a cultural thing, being we are the same ethnic background. But such wonderful vibrant flavours. She used olive oil, oddly enough, did not do them in the pan drippings, which she only used for the gravy after pulling the bird out, while it rested... gravy was made.

Back to veggies, raw is lovely. And I enjoy steaming. They now sell the steaming bags on the plastic bag isle, great cooking technique, easy clean up. Another healthy thing some folks spritz on is Braggs Liquid Aminos - All Purpose Seasoning, a gourmet alternative to soy sauce and tamari sauce from a soy protein. It is gluten free and not fermented, contains no preservatives. Sort of has the flavour of soy sauce, but not near the sodium content.
0 calories!

As for salt, I really like to enjoy a good quality salt. REAL Salt which is mined from deep in caves in southern Utah, is very lovely. Those salt mines are from when there used to be an ocean here in the SW, many many years ago. Back then there was no polution, nothing to contaminate the salt. No contaminates, clean taste and you can use much less because it is so much more flavourful. Might as well have good salt, if you are gonna do salt at all. The salt of the earth... ever recall that old saying. Without salt we literally would die. But if you are doing processed foods at all, you have lots of extra salt in your diet. Me... I do not do processed foods, so I can pick the salt I want. And I am very choosey.

The pureed idea is a good one, people can hide pureed veggies in almost anything, even brownies! Jerry Steinfeld's wife wrote a whole book on the subject. She gets her finicky eaters to eat veggies and not even know they are eating em. Highly recommend her book, or might be able to find some of her stuff if you just google her. I have seen her interviewed several times, those might be on You Tube, as well. It is not as difficult as it sounds. She shows you how to do it, step by step. Preparation, thinking ahead. You can do it!

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11/16/11 1:29 P

i spray "i can't believe it's not butter" on my cals and tastes great

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11/16/11 1:20 P


Quick question. Now is the trade off in getting the veggies through the V8 worth the sodium? I am talking like to the level of I have not eaten a vegetable in the last 28 or so years (except my recent attempts in the last 3 days).

MUMMYUK2 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/16/11 1:20 P

Try pureeing them and adding them to sauces that way you get the vitamins etc but without having to eat them

NAPLESMOM24 Posts: 119
11/16/11 1:14 P

Be careful with the V8 - it has a lot of sodium. How about "sneaking" veggies into other things. Like I put chopped up celery in my tuna. Or pairing a veggie with something tasty - like celery with peanut butter?

RACER43V Posts: 13
11/16/11 1:13 P

lightly steamed so they are still crispy. Then put them in a salad and cover up with applesauce and or cottage cheese. I do not care for them either. :)
Fresh from the garden and raw is the most palatable

TRUANGEL1 SparkPoints: (48,152)
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11/16/11 1:12 P

sweet potatoes are an easy veg. to like because they are sweet, the orange and the white ones are equally delicious. you wash, it wrap it in foil , poke a hole or 2 in it and throw n2 the oven until it smells up the house and it'd done perfectly.

HATAK33 Posts: 4
11/16/11 1:10 P

I don't like most vegetables either. When I do eat them they have to be raw. Especially green ones. I have tried so many ways of preparing them. No luck...they just taste horrible to me. I will be watching this post maybe for some new idea's.

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11/16/11 1:02 P

V8 is a great idea that I never thought of. How much would you say to put in w/out it taking over the flavor?

Also I do not know how to prep roasted vegies, should I add anything to them? I have also found that I like raw vegies better (I hate cooked carrots but love raw).

Celary in a soup is ok for me as well.

Something about brocolie, peas, and other greens just do not do it for me.

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COMEONMA Posts: 3,509
11/16/11 12:49 P

definately try roasting them as mentioned below. I have turned many veggie haters into veggie lovers with that one. I love all kinds of veggies so it's never been a problem for me. My kids now ASK FOR brussels sprouts and my sister-in-law is crazy about butternut squash.

another great tip I heard recently is to add V8 to sauces, soups, etc. It's an easy way to get them if you don't like drinking it straight.

there's always the age old, sprinkle a little cheese on it too that seems to help!

BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,730
11/16/11 12:38 P

I dislike veggies as well but see the need for them. I make a low cal gravy with rice-flour and put on top of my steamed veggies.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
11/16/11 12:35 P

Have you tried roasting them in the oven? That makes veggies very delicious... just toss with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and maybe some garlic... I typically cook mine on a cookie sheet at 375 for anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes depending on the vegetable (root veggies like sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips take longer, thin green veggies like asparagus, broccoli, etc take less)...

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11/16/11 12:33 P

I am a veggie HATER! I have been trying to eat them, but I just can not pallet them. Any Tips?

Current likes: Carrots, Lettuce, and Radish in salad

Green Machine Smoothy is pretty good as well

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