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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,929
12/1/11 2:38 P

Eating under calories one day out of every two or three weeks probably won't do any harm. But you should probably plan your menu and eat regularly for the most part. Consistently low calorie will inhibit weight loss.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,707
12/1/11 12:10 P

" maybe my body doesn't need the 1200 calories but needs 1100. That might be good for weight loss."

Probably not!
A totally sedentary woman needs 1200 calories to live. You need to have more, or you will screw up your metabolism.

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12/1/11 11:12 A

I have been about 100 calories under but I am not going to go try to find food to get to that magic number. If I stay about 100 off everyday, maybe my body doesn't need the 1200 calories but needs 1100. That might be good for weight loss.

11/29/11 12:19 P

If I'm not hungry, I don't eat. Not eating much for several days in a row will slow your metabolism, but a few days here and there is not going to make your body think it is starving. People who are of a healthy weight and have a healthy emotional relationship with food do not force themselves to eat when they are not hungry and will sometimes eat very little on a given day. Lack of hunger could be due to eating alot the day before, hormonal changes throughout the month, etc. Healty people trust their bodies to tell them when they need to eat and when to stop. If you think your hunger cues are not working or you are not recognizing them, there is an exercise you can try. A few time a day, stop, sit and relax, close your eyes, pay attention to how each part of your body feels--warm, cold, tense, relaxed, numb, etc.-- do this with your stomach-- empty, full, comfortable, stuffed, etc. After a while, you will be more aware of how you are feeling overall and wether you need to eat or not.

Just saw your other post. You should not not eat becasue you are depressed just as you should not binge because you are depressed. I know this is much easier said that done because I struggle with emotional eating. There are lots of great articles here and elsewhere online as well as many books about this. I have been reading "The Tao of Eating" the last six months and it has helped me. There are also counselors/therapist who specialize in this area, if you have the means to see one.

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11/29/11 12:05 P

Just this once, I would say, Yahoo! and scarf down the remainder!

Spark On!

SDAWNW Posts: 28
11/28/11 6:39 P

hmm... i know none of those are the healthiest options, but I would eat atleast enough to get to 1200, otherwise your body will freak out and start storing any calories you eat...

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (200,087)
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11/27/11 7:47 P

If you're used to undereating, your hunger cues are off, and therefore you should make yourself eat, because not eating is as bad for you as overeating.

When I am not hungry, but haven't eaten all day, I force myself to eat something, even if it's just a bowl of vegetable soup.

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11/27/11 7:31 P

Well, I don't feel hungry. This happens at least twice a month.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (200,087)
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11/27/11 7:28 P

You should be eating a minimum of 1200 calories every day. Judging by your ticker...a lot more.

If you're used to starving yourself, schedule your meals, use the spark meal plans and force yourself to eat something at the scheduled meal/snacktimes.

You have to eat to lose.

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11/27/11 7:23 P

D: What could I eat to get up 700 cals? its 6:21PM
I have plain white rice ( raw) Spaghetti noodles not wheat.... I have no veggies....
theres pork and beans but theres not many cals in it.
I'm just not hungry today. :(
Do I have to eat today? Today is just a " Im not hungry days" And haven't felt like eating today.

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