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9/27/12 1:05 P

Thank you all for your amazing support. I think I need to focus on the smaller goals rather than the big overall picture. I really appreciate your support and advice. Thanks so much!

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9/27/12 7:52 A


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9/27/12 6:57 A

you've accomplished a lot, and had a lot of life changes.
Take it in small increments; make healthy choices.

Once you're ready to add another choice to your list, do so - but don't expect to do everything at once, or you'll feel overwhelmed

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9/27/12 6:24 A

For what it's worth, I find it difficult to keep my motivation going when I expect perfection from myself. I've toned down my expectations a bit and find it much easier to stay motivated. Oh, and I also stopped my obsession with the scale. I'm much happier, which makes it easier to stick to my plan.

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9/27/12 4:25 A

know exactly how you feel amy...lost about 90lbs 10yrs ago, and slowly over the past 2yrs put back on 25lbs.....once again now trying hard to re-loose the wt i gained. the weight issue stinks because it never goes away...always a struggle. some of my family/friend tell me that they dont really see the weight i gained and so forth...but i fear of gaining it all back is you with work and family, tough to have 1 more thing to have to worry about......not that it makes it easier, but know you are not alone with your feeling and struggles..

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9/27/12 3:32 A

WOW! Congrats on the weight loss Amy!! Even after the small gain (after losing 100 lbs it really is small :-) ) you really have accomplished something amazing!!

I strongly suggest relaxing. Don't put so much pressure on yourself! Concentrate on making healthy choices and regular exercise, and it will come together for you. I had someone else tell me the same thing when I was in your shoes. I lost a ton, gained, then learned how to breathe. Now I eat right (almost always emoticon ) I exercise (although I detest it lol), and the weight comes off slowly but I see changes in my body every week and you will too! Not to mention the fact that you will have less of a chance of gaining when you take a slow approach. And maybe a little yoga to de-stress and lower those cortisol levels that our female bodies tend to hang on to!

You've come so far already, you can do it!

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9/26/12 12:30 P

Sometimes when things get tough, it helps to remind yourself about your successes. So, just take a moment to remember this:

You have SUCCESSFULLY lost weight equivalent to that of an average PRETEEN CHILD.

Give yourself a huge pat on the back for that, a giant hug, and go around bragging about it to whoever will listen! Because that is a WONDERFUL achievement.

Now, as for the recent weight gain...Yeah, I know that feels less wonderful, for sure. But it sounds like you are entering a transition stage in life, with wanting to work (even though it didn't work out), which kind of sent your diet into a spiral (resulting in weight gain). Transitions can be tough on healthy choices but you need to figure out what it is about that transition that triggered overeating so that you're better prepared the next time you want to try it.

Maybe Paleo isn't right for you right now. Stick to the basics - exercise, drink water, track your food. Maybe go back to what you were doing before Paleo, and transition back to Paleo over the course of a few weeks.

YOU CAN DO IT! Seriously. I've only lost the weight equivalent to an 18 month old, and that's been difficult enough!

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9/26/12 11:29 A

It sounds like what your feeling is just a natural reaction to change. You've had a lot of it lately. Be patient with yourself and start with 1-3 small (fast break) goals that you can get into the routine of doing and then slowly add more. The weight will come off; it just takes time and patience. You can do it!

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9/26/12 9:51 A

Hi all! My name is Amy. I have been around for a few weeks now, though I have done Sparkpeople many times before. I am really struggling right now and don't know how to get over the hump. I lost over 100lbs and still had about 20-25lbs to go and then got a full time job (I was a stay at home Mom). I GAINED about 25lb since starting work in June. Well I decided the job wasn't the right fit for me and my family so I quit.
Now I really want to focus on getting to a healthy weight, I just want to be healthy. I am really struggling with sticking with anything. I used to eat Paleo (before starting work) and am having a hard time getting back on board with that. It seems like everything I try I just can't stick to. I have been trying to reach a healthy weight since March 2008 and to be honest it is exhausting.
Can anyone help me out? I know this is all over the place but I am struggling and need help!
Thanks so much!

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