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HELLO_FILLY Posts: 299
1/20/13 11:09 P

WOW! I'm quite impressed at all the suggestions in your message. Thank you!! I started the day off hungry reading about the jalapeno poppers, now your post has me thinking hungry thoughts tonight.

I did make the sugar free jello for our last get-together with the traditional cream cheese (light) and pineapples. Yum!

I think we should all just migrate to Koala's house with our recipes for the Super Bowl!! :) :)

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1/20/13 8:38 P

I know the playoffs are over today but for the SuperBowl, hockey games, NASCAR etc get togethers, I sometimes make sandwiches with low calorie bread & lots of veggies a la Subway/Togos/Blimpies/Quiznos - tomato slices, lettuce, spinach or kale, rings of bell peppers, pickles/cucumbers, and low faw turkey deli meats or lean roast beef. Serve with a couple different mustard choices and some horseradish - try the red version iwth beet juice as its slightly sweeter. Serve up the sammies with mugs of veggie soup.

Deviled eggs are always a winner and hard boiled eggs are good for you, too.

Other ideas - seafood chowder with potatoes, plain soy milk, lots of thyme and bay leaves, and various types of seafood - crab, pieces of salmon, whatever you have on hand. If you like cioppino, you can do the same thing with a seafood broth instead.

Try chili using ground turkey meat; chopped celery and onions; two or three types of beans (navy/white Northern, pink or red kidney, pinto), canned tomatoes, cumin, pepper, and a pinch of cinnamon. Serve with low fat shredded cheese over the top.

Make a box of Jiffy cornbread and add 1 small can of crushed pineapple with juice. Cook in a sandwich grill or use smaller muffin tins to limit the size. Perfect with the chili and easier to count than crackers. If using a larger box of cornbread mix or another brand, you might want to use a large can of the fruit.

Freeze leftover chili - the next time, blend slightly into a paste or sauce and serve over low fat turkey hotdogs on low cal buns either for another party or dinner one night with the family.

Weather permitting - shish kabobs with shrimp, chicken, fish alternated with red onion, bell pepper chunks, pineapple, and various sauces & dips. I put outeach item on dishes over a bed of ice and let guests create their own with the wooden skewers soaking in liquid nearby. (Hint - it doesn't have to be soaked in pure water - pineapple juice adds a nice flavor and won't complete with any of these or try apple cider or even OJ.)

Cook a batch of quinoa rather than brown rice and allow everyone to help themselves. To limit portions, WW sells ladles that are pre-measured or simply measue how much yours holds ahead of time and no one will know you are portioning your food quantities.

For dessert, any cake mix can be made lower cal by substituting a can of diet soda or using unsweetened applesauce in place of the oil. Try cherry cola in a chocolate cake mix, or lemon lime in a white or yellow cake mix. You can spread the cake onto a jelly roll pan to bake, then cut into flat squares, and sprinkle with powdered sugar instead of frosting. If you do want to frost, make icing with the powdered sugar and some fruit juice - cranberry, lemon, or OJ then drizzle rather than putting a thick coating on each piece.

Don't forget, diet Jello alternated with low calorie Cool Whip in pretty parfait dishes (or small, disposable plastic glasses) and topped with a couple pieces of fruit or chopped nuts, looks great and can be served up in the favorite teams colors.

1/20/13 3:25 P

We don't monitor fat. Just ratios. So full fat works best with us. I think they will turn out great no matter what you stuff them with. Some people stuff them with jiffy corn bread mixed with cheese and sausage.

HELLO_FILLY Posts: 299
1/20/13 12:26 P

Ok, Tammy! Now I'm hungry for jalapeno poppers at 10:23 in the morning! LOL!!

Yum! I think you're onto something with the poppers. When cooking on most recipes I usually use the turkey version of sausage and the light cream cheese (not non-fat, just light). Other than those changes, I'd keep everything the same! I'm originally from Albuquerque and loooooove spicy foods!

1/20/13 11:01 A

Make your own jalapeno poppers.

20 jalapenos sliced in half, seeds and veins removed
3 oz cream cheese
4 oz cooked ground sausage
3 oz sharp cheddar
4 tbs scallions
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp black pepper
10 slices bacon cut in half

Mix cheeses, sausage and seasonings together. Fill jalapeno halves with cheese mixture. Lay bacon lengthwise across popper. Bake 375 about 30 minutes. We like our peppers soft, if you like them crisp cut the time down. The bacon cooks quickly so don't worry about undercooked bacon.

HELLO_FILLY Posts: 299
1/19/13 12:06 P

Wings in the Crock-pot does sound like a really good idea! I just looked at the mexican wonton recipe and it looks like a keeper. I love reading the reviews on the recipes for variations as well. Yum!!

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1/18/13 10:21 A

We do wings in the crock pot for football games and we also make Mexican wontons YUMMY here is the recipie... Just thoughts for you for the super bowl.

HELLO_FILLY Posts: 299
1/18/13 9:15 A

Thanks to both of you for the ideas!

In addition the the veggie tray, I ended up making fajita bar with the option for low carb tortillas or lettuce leaves in which to put the filling. I also made a side salad with lots of veggies. For the non-healthy eaters I made queso and chips. We were (are!) Broncos fans, but we'll still have people over for the Super Bowl, so I'll be doing this all over again that weekend.


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1/18/13 8:20 A

Anything in the crock pot. That way, it doesn't have to be "ready" at a certain time, everyone can just grab some when they want it.

My favorite is probably pulled pork or chicken. I serve it with dinner rolls (sometimes full sized rolls are too much if there's other food around), extra BBQ, and jarred hot peppers! Mmmm.

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1/17/13 9:35 P

Hi there. Spark is great for recipes, but I've been using this new site I found called Skinnytaste, and the blogger, Gina, has a ton of recipes for a football party. I've made about a dozen of her dishes, and each one is fabulous. Last night, we had the Santa Few Chicken, and ate it as tacos, but you could also top nachos with it, or make tostadas by baking corn tortillas in the oven.

I also tried the Ban in Good can make it on skewers. She has a ton of low fat dip ideas, like buffalo chicken dip and hot spinach dip. Great chili recipes too. Check her out..., then click on football recipes.

HELLO_FILLY Posts: 299
1/11/13 9:56 P

What are your favorite, fun, recipe ideas for a sports party? We're just having some people over tomorrow to watch football and I'd love some ideas from other people. I plan on having the vegetable tray, but other than that, I'm completely open!


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