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3/27/13 7:06 P

They actually make " Lactaid " milk now which is an ultra pasteurized milk that allows you easier digestion. If that is still an issue they have lactaid pills, there chewable. My dilemma is always finding the store that sells the right stuff, i can usually find veggie cheese at the grocery store but lactose free ice cream is a little more difficult.

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3/7/13 12:23 P

Almond milk is about as high as you get in terms of protein (other than soy) if you can't have animal milks.

There's a decent cheese-substitute brand called Daiya that I'm pretty sure doesn't have soy (it's not soy-based anyway, it's arrowroot and tapioca IIRC). I don't know if it's high in protein, though; I'd guess not. [Edit: We have some in the fridge and I was right; it's only 1 g per serving.] I've never seen it anywhere but in health-food stores. All the grocery-store "fake cheese" brands I've seen are soy-based and usually use casein (a milk protein) to boot.

There are coconut-milk yogurts available now (even in regular grocery stores sometimes), though they're pricy, but again, I don't think that protein is especially high.

I'd suggest not even trying for 1:1 replacements for milk, cheese and yogurt and just get the needed protein from other sources.

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3/7/13 10:13 A

You can buy Almond Milk with 5 grams of protein now.

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3/7/13 10:07 A

you can get vegetarian jerky (for them not made of them lol) actually, as my fiancé has it.

Its made from mushrooms!

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3/6/13 5:10 P

Almond and coconut milk are great. Other options would be rice drink milk. To answer your question about suggestions for an alternative to yogurt/cheese for high protein, you can try products such as veggie slices and tofutti (substitute cheeses). There is soy yogurt but if you are allergic to soy, you probably can't eat it!

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3/6/13 4:31 P

Almond milk or coconut milk are great options over regular or soy milk.

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3/6/13 4:15 P

I wouldn't have suggested beef jerky or dishes with chicken had I noticed you were a vegetarian. I missed that part, sorry.

If it helps, I don't drink milk at all and I'm fine w/ getting protein. I do eat meat though.

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3/6/13 4:01 P

Thanks everyone for your responses...

As a vegan/vegetarian I eat a large amount of nuts/seeds and the like, so diet is fine.
I drink protein shakes also.

Someone suggested beef jerky? LOL I don't eat meat.

I was just a lttle frustrated because when I need ideas for meals my food tracker always suggests a dairy for the protein. Milk, cheese, or yogurt.

I eat none of those.

I was wondering if anyone could think of another BEVERAGE to substitute for the milk that keeps showing up in my meal plan. No soy.

I will consider Lactaid, but I'm not interested in drinking milk at all.

I currently drink Almond milk, but there is only 1 gram of protein per 1 cup.

Any other ideas???


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3/6/13 3:07 P

Well if you are looking for a protein powder to help supplement I use Vega products. These are vegan, gluten, and dairy free.

Besides the beans, nuts, and legumes already recommended, I'd also suggest that you use quinoa as your grain in place of rice, potatoes etc. Also, you might want to look up spirulina and blue-green algae as sources of amino-acids and b-vitamins.

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3/6/13 3:03 P

Can you do the Lactaid milk? My SO can't handle the lactose in milk so he drinks that.

Also, goat cheese does not have lactose in it, and it is very tasty. My very lactose intolerant cousin can eat it, it's the only cheese he can eat. 1oz is only 70 calories and 5g of protein. It's good by itself spread on a piece of bread or crackers and topped with fresh chopped herbs or even just black pepper. It's good with apples too, especially granny smiths. You can also mix it up in pasta dishes and add a bit of pasta water to make it a creamy sauce. It also does well stuffed in chicken with herbs and/or spinach. I made this recipe two weeks ago, chicken with goat cheese sauce, and it was super tasty. A 6oz piece of chicken and the sauce was 276 calories and 41grams of protein.

For other snacks, beef jerky is a good bet, other than the sodium, because it's very high in protein but low in calories.

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3/6/13 2:52 P

Along with the beans and legumes, eat lots of high-protein leafy greens such as kale (11g in a 100 cal serving), Romaine lettuce (7.7g per head), spinach (5g in 1 cup). If you are worried, there are lots of vegetarian/vegan protein powders that you can add to your beverages.

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3/6/13 2:21 P

Nuts, beans/legumes and seeds are going to provide protein, you will just need to be careful balancing the fat if you eat a lot of nuts to make up the protein, so beans, lentils etc do not have fat, so mixing them up in your diet will be a good sources of protein and healthy fats.

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3/6/13 2:01 P

Hi Everyone,
I need help with some nutrition substitutes.
I'm a vegetarian who is also lactose intolerant. My meal tracker for nutrition does not provide any real alternatives for someone like me who does not consume dairy. (for medical reasons I also do not eat soy)

Can anyone suggest a beverage that contains high protein that is not milk or soy?
I would also love a suggestion for an alternative to yogurt/cheese for high protein.

Appreciate your feedback!

Kind Regards, Toni

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