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STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
5/1/13 11:34 P

The fact that you think he'll get mad at you for not getting anything is an indicator that you should probably talk to him about your journey...He's your boyfriend right? There's an element of trust and disclosure that usually comes with that type of relationship.

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5/1/13 7:42 P

whose life are u trying to live, his or yours, whose body is going to suffer if its not fit emoticon

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/1/13 6:22 P

"I'm just going to be there ordering nothing & I know my boyfriend WILL get mad... "

That's a sign of a bigger problem than an ice cream, a binge, or your weight...

Perhaps this would serve as a good opportunity to tell him about what you are trying to accomplish... we should be able to rely on the important people in our lives to support us through our difficult challenges. If he knew it were important to you, don't you think he would get on board and HELP you?

5/1/13 5:30 P

I totally understand. I used to treat things I 'had' to eat that I couldn't track as an excuse to eat anything I wanted, because the day was already 'ruined.' But then my roommate pointed something out to me. If I only ate the untrackable thing, and then went right back to my plan... I'd be SAVING hundreds of calories I didn't eat. Having a couple of handfulls of popcorn at a movie (untrackable) didn't mean I needed to come home and eat a bag of chips, a couple granola bars, a hot pocket, AND the dinner I'd planned, because if I just went back to the dinner I'd planned, then the only calories I'd be up was the popcorn and not all the other stuff I gave myself 'permission' to have since the day was already off track.

And eating out and events that you can't control are part of life.

I'd suggest going to the ice cream place, and getting a single scoop. A child's scoop, if they have it, is even better and a smaller portion. Then, if you feel like you need to get food, order a garden salad, no cheese, with a light dressing on the side, and either a cup of coffee or cup of tea. Without sugar or cream, these are both very low-calorie options.

Good Luck!

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5/1/13 5:28 P

Maybe you could order a small cappuccino? I often find ice cream places have nice coffee.

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5/1/13 4:36 P

I've been off track for MONTHS now & I promised myself today would be a new start since it's a new month... I've done pretty good ALL day (stayed on track with my calories, tracked everything, no soda, no binge eating, etc.).

Anytime my boyfriend wants to go out to eat somewhere, I normally go & honestly that's what's been causing me to gain so much weight these last couple of weeks. He doesnt' really know that I'm on this journey to lose weight because it's always been a touchy/embarrassing subject for me to talk about...

Anyhow... In about 30 minutes when he gets off work, he'll be coming to pick me up so we can go to this place to get ice cream... He knows they have my all time favorite flavor that only they sell there & it's always been a deal breaker for me... I don't want the ice cream because I'm struggling with binge eating & I know if I eat it, I'll instantly think 'well... I already messed today up so might as well just eat whatever.' BUT, I'm scared that if I don't get ice cream (because that's kinda the whole point of us going there), he'll get mad at me...

I have no choice BUT to go there because we're going with a friend to get him out of the house for a little while because he's going through some things... I'm also not drinking soda anymore so it's not like I can order a diet drink... I'm just going to be there ordering nothing & I know my boyfriend WILL get mad...

HELP! :(

& It also bugs me that I have NO CLUE what the nutrition facts in the ice cream are since it's kinda like a farm-type place & they make everything there...

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