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5/12/14 8:54 P

Sorry it took me so long to reply guys, busy week. I have been fitted for proper shoes, which has made a huge difference, but after half a mile, my left calf muscle will lock up to the point that I'm limping on it. I can't walk more than a mile. I take rest days and stretch afterwards, doesn't seem to help. The path I walk on is pretty even, no hills. My average pace is 17 minutes per mile, so nothing major.

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HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
5/6/14 4:24 P

Drink lots of water and stretch after your walk - so important!!! Stretch for a good 5-10 minutes. Take your time. If you aren't flexible, do what you can without causing injury.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,309
5/6/14 7:34 A

What jumped out at me was "I started walking again". You don't mention how long you're walking or at what pace or whether there are hills involved. I'm wondering if maybe (in addition to perhaps the shoes not providing enough support) you've gone from zero to 60 too fast? From the couch to a couple hilly miles too fast. With no rest days in between. And a "rest day" doesn't necessarily mean you have to lie around on the couch-- it just means doing something else that isn't as intense, and give your muscles a little time to recover. Maybe some youtube or Spark seated/ chair cardio videos.

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5/6/14 5:41 A

A lot of shoes gave me this problem. Is it happening when you go uphill though, or all the time?

MTN_KITTEN SparkPoints: (151,507)
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5/3/14 1:24 P

Just remember that stretches shouldn't hurt. If they hurt you are over doing it.

On that note, are you trying to do to much exercise too soon?

GZELLEFRO SparkPoints: (88,974)
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5/3/14 11:57 A

It's frustrating when you can't get your workout in because of pain!

Warming up is an important part of exercising. You should start out slow and then progress to a little bit more intense after a few minutes, once your muscles start to warm up. Warmups should be at least 5 minutes long.

Also, I've heard two different points of view about stretching before you actually work out. I have always warmed up, stretched a little and then worked out and stretched again after cooling down, but more intensely since my muscles are warm, but I've read lately that you should not stretch until after your workout.

You might also check with your doctor.

Hope you figure it out! Good luck and God bless emoticon

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CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
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5/2/14 5:28 P

Try increasing your water intake prior to walking. I have found if I'm dehydrated, my muscles will cramp up. Also, when you are done, do some stretching and then some light massage on your calf muscles.

IMDADOGGIE SparkPoints: (42,022)
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5/2/14 2:28 P

Eating a banana also helps a lot! Good Luck!

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,648)
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4/30/14 2:34 P

In addition to having good shoes, which are vital, are you stretching AFTER you walk? I think that is more important than stretching before you walk, especially to stretch the calf muscles.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
4/30/14 1:36 P

Bad shoes can give you all kinds of aches and pains, so I would recommend being properly fitted for a pair at a specialty running/walking store.

Coach Jen

4/30/14 12:24 P

I warm up first, my shoes are new, but they are just some tennis shoes I picked up at the store, my pace has increased slowly and I do take breaks. I don't know what I'm doing wrong other than maybe I need to be fitted for specific shoes.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,993
4/29/14 6:41 P

Are you doing any kind of warmup before your walk? Are you wearing good shoes that fit properly and aren't worn out? Have you tried slowly increasing the pace of your walk? Are you taking rest days in between walks?

Coach Jen

4/29/14 4:47 P

I started walking again and the first few days were fine. Now every time I walk, my calves lock up and I end up limping on my left leg. I've tried doing Yoga and stretching to loosen up my muscles, but nothing helps. I need to get the exercise, but I'm afraid of doing damage to my muscles. Any ideas? I wonder if it could be my shoes, maybe I need to go an be fitted properly for walking shoes, I don't know. I'm at my breaking point, please help! emoticon

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