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5/29/14 8:58 P

Thank you, this was all very helpful! I will definitely start eating more, and track some nutrients on top of calories, carbs., fat, and proteins! My clothes are fitting differently, that is true, so I'll cut back the weighing myself to once and week and stick to tracking nutrients and taking measurements :D

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5/29/14 8:44 P

To start with, you're not actually overweight. You're at the top of the healthy BMI range. That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't lose weight, but it does mean that you're doing something your body doesn't think is safe, so it's not going to follow the "rules." Your weight loss will be bumpy and frustrating, because it's not technically necessary.

Usually when someone says, "It's because you're increasing muscle," that's BS. In your case, though, it's probably at least partially true. Since you increased your activity from nothing to a lot, you're likely putting on enough muscle to make it hard to see any weight loss. You might also want to talk to a doctor-- preferably a sports medicine specialist-- about whether your goal is reasonable and healthy. At 125 you would have a BMI of about 20.5. While that's in the general safe range, it's pretty low for a white woman who's active.

And yes, you're eating too little. The reason you have a lower limit of 1200 calories has very little to do with weight loss and calories per se; your lower limit is set there because if you eat less, you're missing out on nutrients. There's no combination of foods that can supply all the nutrients an average woman needs without adding up to at least 1200 calories. Go into your tracker and add calcium, fiber, and one other nutrient (maybe iron or some vitamin that matters to you) to what you track every day, and you'll see that you're under the minimum target amount for at least one of them most days. When your diet doesn't supply enough, the body senses that something's wrong, and it tends to defend itself by reducing your energy expenditure and trying to store more fat. Bodies don't understand diets; they assume that if you're not eating enough nutrients it means there's not enough food. There must be a famine, and famines always get worse before they get better. You have basically made your body go to war with itself by demanding more muscle through activity while your diet has scared it into thinking it has to store fat for the coming famine.

Probably the best tactic for losing weight when you're not clinically overweight is to put the scale away in a friend's garage for a few months. Then, instead of measuring success by pounds, measure it by the number of days every week when you meet all of your nutrient targets without going over calories, and/or by the amount of exercise you do or the improvement in your performance, etc. In other words, focus on your behavior, which you control 100%, instead of on the outcome of that behavior, which is not really up to you.If you're eating healthy foods and getting stronger, that's the definition of sucess. Weight is just a description of the amount of gravity formed between your body and the earth; it doesn't indicate your health or even your looks. (If you can find clothes from when you weighed 150 before, I bet they're bigger on you now than they were then. Muscle takes up less room than fat.)

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5/29/14 5:21 P

I thought that eating less would be better than eating too much. Is that not the case?
I'm 5' 5.5"
range is 1200-1500 without working out, but I'm not that hungry usually.
today I was bad and had stupid McD's for breakfast because I was late getting up and had to run out the door, so I'll be over today after dinner, but not in a good way!

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5/29/14 5:16 P

After taking a quick peek at your tracker, I wonder if you're eating enough to support your activity. You're averaging around 1100 calories a day and even a very sedentary small woman needs at least 1200 calories per day. What range did SP give you and how tall are you?

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5/29/14 4:58 P

So, in May 2012 I changed my eating habits:
5-6 small meals a day
more fresh fruits and veggies
no fast food
no caffeine
no adding salt to anything
1 dessert a week
1 alcoholic drink a week
No soda, or 1 a week at most - and clear or root beer
AND without exercise, I started shedding the pounds. I started exercising here and there, but nothing planned out or following a program. I went from 176-145 in no time. My end goal was 125, and I hit it that November. I kept a steady weight between 125-130 for 10 months.
Then, my husband and I were separated for 4 months during a transition from Florida to Ohio for school. I was eating well at first, but with rent and a mortgage, healthy food shopping dropped down! Needless to say, I'm back at 150-152.

I began eating correctly again about three months ago, however, I'm not losing anything this time. As a matter of fact, I've been going up a little (started at 146-149, now up to 150-152). I have also been working out (I had 2 weeks I had to take off because of schedule and illness but they weren't back to back weeks). I am doing Insanity, walking/running, playing tennis, and/or doing some other high impact cardio at least 5 times per week. My husband says the gain is from working out, which I know, muscle weighs more than fat, and my muscles have been getting nicer looking. But, I should be losing something from the better diet and exercise, shouldn't I?

I'm 31, healthy (minus being about 20-25lbs heavier than I want to be), and love being active and eating healthy because it makes me feel like I have more energy. Does anyone have any idea why I wouldn't be starting to lose yet? How long has it taken y'all to start losing? What are some ways that you've motivated yourself through the slumps? I'm just looking for any kind of advice that's worked for anyone, the same old same old is wearing on me fast!

Thanks y'all, and best wishes on your losses, health, and well being!

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