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2/1/12 11:45 P

I would have to agree with the previously advised"10 minute" approach. It's a very obtainable goal each day. Take a few minutes extra in the bathroom to do some squats or calf raises while brushing your teeth-seems as though that's the only time I can manage to get to myself some days. The fact that you start to "own" those 10 minutes to yourself, the easier it is to own 12 minutes, then 15, and so on. And don't punish yourself if you don't do it one day. Each day is a new day to begin again. You can do day at a time. emoticon

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2/1/12 10:57 P

Hi there,

Most days I want to get out and about, but some days I have to put my shoes on, tie up the laces and walk out the door... one step at a time.

Other days my partner bosses me... "If you don't go walk/skate you will just sit around whining and drive me nuts - get going!" Sometimes he puts the car keys in my hand and frog-marches me out [Ok, that is totally exaggerating!]

I think my point is to tell everyone - kids, parents, co-workers, partner - whoever you have and trust - that your goal is important to you and you want their support with this - and try not to bite their head off when they give it... That works for me, anyway.


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Perhaps if you told yourself, "I am just going to do 10 minutes of exercise -- not more," you would be able to get yourself started. If, after 10 minutes, you decide to stop ... that's OK. At least you did the 10 minutes and that will help you establish the habit. Once you get the habit firmly established, it will be easier to get started.

Of course, once you get started ... and you do your 10 minutes ... you may find yourself willing to keep going a little longer before you quit.

Sometimes, the idea of having a long and/or difficult exercise session can seem overwhelming -- and the idea of doing it keeps you from starting. The method described above can help you counter-act that feeling of dread by making it smaller... shorter and easier. Once you get started, only good things can happen regardless of how long you actually exercise.

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2/1/12 8:04 P

...and I have had the hardest time getting motivated to exercise!
I mean, I've been more resistant than my 2nd grader at bedtime. The only difference is I haven't had a tantrum! Has anyone been here and what do you do. I've read the fitness and motivational articles and nothing helped. I actually like exercise once I get going, it always makes me feel a little better. I might be in some type of funk, I don't know.
Thanks in advance Sparklers~

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