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HCG has been shown to be a scam dieting program. This is backed by research and the Food and Drug Administration. However, I am not sure of what your clinic is doing or what you have been doing, or what you have learned. You state in your post:

" I do believe that it has taught me a what real food is and how I should be eating, and that I actually enjoy eating this way." Then...I would think you would be ready to walk out the doors.

Not sure what this means. Does this program have you practicing healthy weight loss habits and learning how to plan your food intake for continued weight loss or weight maintenance??

You are feeling pressure to purchase their products that you do not want. Then leave the program---and find a program that teaches lifelong weight loss techniques. Use the tools here at Sparkpeople. Sign up for Spark Coach.

Can you share more of what you are wanting and needing?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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Hi Everyone,
Here is the story and I could use any kind of advice fro someone with experience on this diet/knew someone on this diet. I went to MRC because I was at my wits end, I felt like I needed the support and to check in with someone when for me to be accountable for the things that I ate. After reviewing the options they had the HCG diet sounded like a great idea for me, the lady even told me she had done it herself. It did work. I'm down almost 20 pounds and now am on Phase 3, the maintenance phase. Where you stabilize the weight loss and begin increasing food intake. I have one week left on this phase. Here in the problem lies, I feel like I've been tricked. I have yet to add one healthy fat back into my diet, on their plan I added up the calories and I'm barely taking in 800 calories, unless I want to continue taking their "protein supplements" which are filled with sorbitol and artificial ingredients, Than I would be consuming around 1050 calories. I've been asking them every time when I add back in healthy fats and what is kind of the "next step" and such. They always blow it off and run around the question even if I ask repeated times. When I asked again today about if there is another phase after this she told me that I would want to possibly do their meta slim program because if your not in your "ideal" body weight range yet you have a greater chance gaining the weight back! I'm done, I want off and out of this program. I do believe that it has taught me a what real food is and how I should be eating, and that I actually enjoy eating this way. But I am so stressed about the run around I am getting I just want out, but I have no idea what to do after I do! Has anyone has this problem or done the hcg before? Thank You for the help.

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