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ROADQUEEN1 Posts: 13
11/11/09 12:23 A

I also find that sometimes its easier to go to sleep. Last night I knew I had no self control so it was better to sleep than pig out. I am still in that state today so it will be a challenge all day today!

11/10/09 10:51 P

First, are YOU hungry or YOUR body? Your body may truly be hungry and I don't think it wise to not feed it. Maybe have some low calorie food on hand for these times, like baby carrots or something that won't make you go way over but will give your body something. (3 oz of baby carrots are like 35 calories I believe.) Or have a couple glasses of water. Chew gum or pop in a mint. Good luck!

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11/10/09 10:29 P

Good luck! I have faith that you can do this.

WARREN1980 Posts: 89
11/10/09 9:35 P

Ugh. I'm hungry and exhausted but I can't eat. I've already had 1450 calories today and I know I don't need anymore but I'm hungry and I want to. I'm going to try to just go right to sleep even though it's 9:30 but I don't know what else to do. I really really don't want to eat. I had a really good day, ate healthy, exactly as I planned and had a soda water with pineapple juice insted of beer with my friends after work. I don't want to ruin an otherwise perfect day. No. I won't I'm going to sleep instead. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll feel better when I wake up after almost 10 hours of sleep. Wish me luck

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